WinCue 1.35
by Anders Sandvig
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Last Updated: 2003-04-09
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Software Description

WinCue is a WinAMP general purpose plug-in which can be used for two things. The first thing is using WinCue to set up playlists in WinAMP. WinCue can read WinAMP playlist files (.m3u) or steal WinAMP's current playlist. When a playlist is loaded in WinCue, files can be enqueued in WinAMP. This makes it easier to manage a large MP3 (or other media file format) collection because it gives you the opportunity to cue a sequence of files in a certain order without losing your playlist in WinAMP. This is great when using WinAMP to play music at parties etc. Typically you have all your music files in one .m3u file, you load this into WinCue, and are then able to set up playlists for WinAMP. WinCue can also keep track of your media files with its internal Media Library. This library consists of any number of specified folders on your computer. When the Media Library is loaded, all these folders are scanned, and all the media files are listed in WinCue. This makes it easier to keep track of a large media file collection, which might be spread over several drives and directories.

WinCue also features something called DelayPlay. When WinCue is in DelayPlay mode it will play through it's current playlist and pause for a number of seconds between each song. This is very useful when recording music to external media which is dependant on gaps in the playback in order to divide the recording into tracks (i.e. a MiniDisc recorder). The number of seconds between each song can be set on the "DelayPlay" page of the "Options" dialog.

In this version:

  • New installer w/uinstall.
  • New and improved documentation in HTML format.
  • Added "Cue As Next" feature. This will cue the selected song(s) after the currently playing entry in the WinAMP playlist.
  • Added option to cache Media Library.
  • Cue Box: WinCue now features a way of cueing files only by entering their number in the playlist/Media Library.
  • WinCue can now clean up WinAMP's playlist by deleting all entries before the one currenly playing
  • Plus many more new features and a large number of bugfixes, optimizations and other improvements.

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I used Advanced Crossfading and the songs in my playlist fades in and out. My question is,
is there anyway I can convert my winamp playlist into one "dj like" .wav file?

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