XG-Wizard 2.00
by Achim Stulgies
(Achim Stulgies Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.8 MB
License Conditions:

Free use for 30 days after which you must register if you continue using it. Registration Fee - US$35

System Requirements:

4MB Disk Space

Last Updated: 2004-12-16
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

XG-Wizard is an Editor & Librarian for ALL XG gears especially SW1000XG, but also ideal for MU50, MU80, MU90, MU100, MU128, QY70, QY700, CS1x, CS2x, PSR series, CVP series etc.

It supports PLG boards, Audio parts and up to 32 XG parts.

  • Remote Control Interface

    keep your hands on your MIDI keyboard all the time while editing your XG device

  • Syx-Transmitter

    send any message to any MIDI device to setup your complete equipment (not only XG!) or to change a bunch of settings while a song is performed in a studio or live session

  • Fader Automatization

    updates and animates faders, knobs env-, lfo- und filter graphics in realtime

  • Integrated MIDI Player

    now with progress bar, auto-playback, part mute, solo, loop etc.

    sends its output to the fader automatization too

  • Mixer Mode

    to route a sequencer's midi output to XG-Wizard and pass it to the Fader Automatization

  • Tuning Scale Macros

    comes with more than 70 tuning scale macros but you also can create your own ones

  • Delay Time Calculator

    to e.g. easily synchronize a delay parameter to a song tempo

  • Virtual Keyboard

    now with additional wheels to trigger various controllers

  • Transmit as Controller

    to edit all GM compatible sound devices too

  • XG-Mapper

    transform Controller in realtime into SysEx messages

  • Key Play

    to play melodies or even chords on your computer keyboard

  • Voice Selector with search & remote control functions

  • Drum Editor

  • Keyboard Range Editor

  • Audio Mixer

  • Copy Part, Initialize Part, set default value etc...

  • Merge Music Data only

  • Merge XG & Music Data

  • MID & SYX file support

  • Optional save without XG reset command

  • Optional loading of 'hidden' SysEx data

  • User Definable Color Interface: use your preferred colors & background pattern

  • About 460 knobs without any preselection plus div. graphical objects on just one screen

  • And lots of other useful functions ...

  • All updates are free of charge

  • Made by the author of XG-Gold & Korg EM-1 Editor
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