Amber v1.1.2
by Matthew McCabe
(Matthew McCabe Website)

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System Requirements:

Linux, Mac OS X, BeOS, or FreeBSD, compiling-capable
system. Does not require a sound card as it does not play the sounds by

Last Updated: 2003-09-29
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Amber aims to be a flexible tool for granular synthesis. This synthesis technique is becoming more and more popular in the computer music world, and we felt that the current tools availible to do granular synthesis were not as flexible as one might hope.

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granular synthesis info

hello there,
i'm a music technology student studying for my masters at UL, Ireland. for my masters project i'm developing a softsynth in the max and msp environment. i am wondering if you would have any info on how id go about creating a patch in max/msp that deals with granular syntheisis???

thanks, Barry.

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