bassbomb v1.0
by de la Mancha
(de la Mancha Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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This demo contains a version of bassbomb with 1s silence every 20s. It also has some missing controls, which do not detract from the sound of bassbomb, they only remove the convenience of being able to access the parameters. Therefore the demo will sound exactly like the full version and will allow you to test compatibility with your system.

Registration: US$24.00

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2010-02-19
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

bassbomb is a monophonic bass synthesizer focused on creating a wide range of bass sounds from punchy to chunky via squelchy and fat with a sprinkling of dirt on top. It does everything from dubstep wobble, electro house dirt, funky bounce, breakbeat dirt, hip hop boom, acid squelch and more besides. As well as bass lines it's also happy banging out kick drums and bass drops, with a pure sine sub osc to really nail that low end.

It features custom waveforms, a composite filter and non-linear envelopes to give that old school synth sound, with 2 LFOs and 3 envelopes to really make stuff move around. Unison, oscillator sync, ring modulation and dirt all add to the flavour and a tempo-sync arpeggiator is the "cherry on top".


  • Monophonic bass synthesizer for bass lines and drum sounds
  • 2 oscillators with 7 custom waveforms each (sine, square, pulse, ramp, saw, triangle, noise)
    - Adjustable Pulse width and detune, modulated by envelope and LFO (per osc)
    - Adjustable Unison with spread control per oscillator
    - Oscillator sync and ring modulation between oscillators
    - Octave selector and level per osc

  • Sub-osc with math-generated pure sine wave for sub bass layering
    - Independent sub-osc detune modulation from envelope and LFO
    - Octave selector and level control

  • Resonant Low Pass filter, 24 dB / octave slope
    - Composite design, non-linear behaviour across frequency range
    - Adjustable Cut off and Resonance, both modulated by envelope and LFO
    - Cut off can also track velocity and note, positive or negative modulation

  • 3 non-linear ADSR envelopes, for amp, filter and multi-parameter modulation
    - All envelopes have pickup mode as alternative to starting attack from zero
    - Multi-parameter envelope covers cut off, res, pwm, detune and dirt
    - Pulse width modulation and detune are selectable per oscillator
    - Detune modulation allows pitch envelopes for kick drum and bass drops

  • 2 tempo-sync LFOs with 20 waveforms, note-sync and adjustable phase
    - LFOs can be tempo-sync to host (32 beats to 1/32 beats) or free (0-100 Hz)
    - LFOs both modulate cut off, res, pwm, detune and dirt
    - Pulse width modulation and detune are selectable per oscillator
    - LFO 2 also modulates the depth and frequency of LFO 1

  • Tempo-sync arpeggiator with 6 patterns
    - Arp can cover 1 to 4 octaves, synced to host (1/32 beats to 4 beats)
    - Adjustable note length (0-100%)

  • Dirt control adds harmonics and saturation for extra oomph
  • 2 monophonic modes, classic and drop (only plays last note)
  • Portamento with adjustable time control
  • Master volume and pitch control
  • 200 presets covering many styles and functions
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