CDG Plug-In for Winamp
by Yannick Heneault
(Yannick Heneault Website)

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Winamp 2 or 5.

Last Updated: 2004-04-21
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Software Description

  • Play CDG files in karaoke style window
  • Support all features of CDG: scrolling, palette cycling, channels and a lot more
  • Seamless integration with Winampli>Instant access of any part of a song/lyrics with the jump bar of Winamp (see below)
  • Context menu
  • Predefined zoom and full screen mode
  • Customizable by the user
  • Always on top mode
  • Optimized C code (can run easily at full screen on a Pentium 166 MHz)
  • Compatible with existent plug-in for Winamp
  • Free of charge $$$ :)
  • All features of Winamp!!

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The plug-in works. Is there

The plug-in works. Is there anyway to change the background to a movie clip or other formats .AVI or MPG perhaps, instead of the black background?

I want to add lyrics to Mp3 tracks

I'm using winamp to play backing tracks and want to add lyrics so it's like a karaoke machine. I'm using Windows7. I haven't a clue where to start or what to do. In simple terms can anyone help me please. Thank you

mp3+g files wont play when loaded from a memory stick win 8

Dear Sir/Madam,
Can anyone help me with a particular problem I am experiencing with windows 8.
Whenever I load mp3+gs on win 8 the files play fine-graphics aswell!
The program I am using is Winamp.
Whenever I try to load a newly acquired mp3+g from a memory stick,the words dont come up at all.
Just wondering if this happens to anyone else?

Hope you can help me solve this problem as I would rather not have to take my new win 8 laptop back to the shop I purchased it from?

Yours Sincerely,
Aarron Fitzsimmonds

MP#+G stops playing in winamp

Question PLEEASE HELP!!! I use winamp with cdg plug in everything works fine most of the time. Some of my karaoke songs will just stop working. Hit play in winamp and they play for 1 second and then stop, also pop up with words for 1 second then stop. Have removed and reloaded songs to library and this sometimes fixes problem but only temporarily. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

Karaoke for Winamp..

HELP!! I am new at the Karaoke business, up until now I have been using a regular old Karaoke machine, but switching disks is a mood killer, too much silent time between singers. I am in the process of getting my new laptop up for Karaoke. Winamp was recommended to me by a fellow KJ, I've read the instructions, gone on numerous sites, dowloaded all the files and I still can not get Winamp to display lyrics. When I place my CDG's in it only comes up with the regular Winamp Visuals. I've hit the wall. Please help! ANYONE!!

Mp3+g plugin for Windows 7

The current plugin ver. 1.4, works perfectly in full screen for all OS from Win 98 through Vista. Once configured, it stays configured with display 2 in full screen. In Windows 7, however, you have to reconfigure the plugin each time you close a Winamp session. Is there an updated version of the this plugin, or a work around available to fix this problem?


When I connect my laptop to a TV, I get the winamp screen along with the CDG plugin on the Tv. How do I only get the cdg plug in only on the TV???

right click the desktop and

right click the desktop and select properties. go to the settings tab. click on window 2 and then check "extend my windows descktop onnto this monitor

cdg screen

i want 2 screens to play at on the tv screen and the other on my laptop at the same time.
when i do karaoke i want my friends to sing off the tv...but if i sing i want to sing from the screen on the laptop and they can follow on the screen.
i'm usng 5.6 winamp...not sure if it's only compatible on 501
appreciate any feedback

cdg screen

It is easy to use 2 monitors with this plug in. In windows explorer go to you winamp folder and then go to the plugin folder. You will see two files for the cdg plugin. Make copies of those files. Then when you open Winamp go to preferences-plugins you will see 2 copies of the cdg-plugin. If you have 2 displays working you set one of them to use display2 to be fullscreen.
Then when you start winamp and play a mp3+g file both displays will be there. They may be on top of each other and you won't see them. Drag the top one off the bottom one. Double click on one to set if full screen.
If the full screen isn't on your second display, double click it back to the smaller size, then double click the other one to make that go to the second display.
I hope this helps,

computer to two screens

You need a splitter, It has a normal male vga at one end and two vga outlits. Then you simply plug the to screens into them!

WinAmp CD+G Plug in - Jumbled text

(Had the same problem and just solved it. CTRL, ALT, DELETE at the same time. right click on CDG Plug in, click on Maximize)

Thanks Anonymous for that tip, I was at my wits end trying to restore that window. But I have a differnt problem and can't find an answer for it. First I am using Touch Tone 3 with Winamp for my karaoke setup. Everything works fine when I first start a song and as it plays the graphics/words start to get jumbled and by the end of the song sometimes it's un-readable. It is not the same for all songs. Is this a graphics card issue? I am running a XP, SP3, P4 2.8 GHz,NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT w/latest drivers. Any ideas anyone?


WinAmp CDG Plugin

How do i stop the CDG plugin from closing when the song stops, everything else works lubbly jubbly.
Cheers. Phil T

Winamp and CDG Plugin Issues!

My winamp was playing fine and everything was working when I play a cdg +3 file the plugin appears on the task bar but no graphics box appears . I have been to options and made sure that the plug in was enabled , I have also down loaded and installed anoth plug -in to no avail
Please Help

Issues with CDG Plug-in under Vista.


I am running Vista Ultimate O/S, Winamp Ver 5.551 and the CDG plug in MP3 + G Plug -In Ver 1.4.

When I select a CDG file, I get the pop up video screen for half a second or so. It then dissapears. On The main Winamp display, the selected song which did momentarity start, stops.

At this stage I am unagle to play a CDG file.

Any help on solving this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

WinAmp CD+G Plug in

Had the same problem and just solved it. CTRL, ALT, DELETE at the same time. right click on CDG Plug in, click on Maximize. The words came up and I can drag the words in their separate window to another linked monitor. Works again.

Re: Issues with CDG Plug-in under Vista

Try this, open your winamp player, clcik on options,/vizualizations/ select plugin, then click on general purposes, then double click your cdg plugin and make sure it's enabled. ok and apply. Hope this helps.

Works like a dream :)

I have tested it with winamp v5.52 and it started perfectly

winamp plugin

having proplems finding a plugin to work with winamp and windows vista can you offer any suggestions

Re: winamp plugin

: having proplems finding a plugin to work with winamp and windows vista can you offer any suggestions


i have awinamp all ready ill like to know how tow get more sangs tow downloud so i can get more on my flles so well you please help me how tow do that think you ps. waiting for your reply

Re: winamp and cdg plugin is duplicated

Heya Sue,

That would be a settign of your video "card" in your laptop, as versus a setting in winamp. It sounds like it is currently set to "Clone" the first display "The one on the laptop itself), and what you want is for it to treat the second display as an extended desktop.

To get to the setting for this, its usually under display properties, (right click open spot on your desktop, go to "properties") then go to settings, and you may see a display pictured there with a "2" on it. Ususally, just checking "Extend my windows diplay onto this monitor" or something sililar may be there should do the trick. Happy singing!

: : please can u help,i am having trouble with my winamp player and cdg plugin for karaoke,the winamp player and cdg karaoke screen is both duplicated on the tv as well, any ideas on what is causing this problem. thanx

: i dont think i explained properly, what i meant is that the winamp5.01 and ther cdgplugin is duplicated from the computer winamp to the tv screen which should only show the cdg plugin screen which shows the words, i can not get rid of the winamp from the tv screen, i only need it on the computer or laptop. thanx again.

Re: download cdg s to play in a library

: i want a library for my cdg s to be installed to come up when i call them.
: and be able for a hidden surprises no extra tools needed

wheres my download

wheres my download

Re: download cdg s to play in a library

: i want a library for my cdg s to be installed to come up when i call them.
: and be able for a hidden surprises no extra tools needed

hi there!have the same problem myself!did you sort it? cheers


This Plugin works perfect. Simple, does what it is supposed to, and uses winamp. What more could you ask for.

rubbish link

this link just does not work it keeps you going round in circles ...very peeved!!!!!!

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