CensorCut VST
by GrooveZing
(GrooveZing Website)
Owned by user groovezing

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Last Updated: 2014-05-26
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Software Description

CensorCut VST is a bleep censor generator, used as insert effect, you can trigger it for censoring explicit lyrics or profanity.

You can use it as insert on audio track / bus / master and it works on the sound. It has two modes: Beep and Crypt.

Beep Mode replaces the audio signal with a bleep censor, this is controlled via the "-18" button or by pressing any MIDI note that you have assigned. The beep sound is a classic 1 KHz sinus sound, the famous "beep" used in film / TV industry for censoring profanity and explicit contents. The length of the bleep will depend on how long you hold the MIDI note or the "-18" button. You can use it in real time or automate the beeps by recording a MIDI track.

Crypt Mode process the audio signal and applies and audio encryption that makes the audio unrecognizable. This is controlled via the "X" logo button.

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