ChordwarePA 12.5
by Stephen Scott
(Stephen Scott Website)
Owned by user cwpasteve

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Operating System:
File Size: 6 MB
Price: USD 75
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Export disabled, save limited, 90 day Trial

System Requirements:

2 GB Ram

Last Updated: 2016-06-06
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ChordwarePA is a midi-based standalone with generative and composition tools to use with your VST Host.

New in Version 12.5

Improved performance by removing extraneous code.
Added options to off-beat triggering using Midi-Input.
Modified Player's 'Scales' button to use the Keyboard's display showing stored notes for play button.

New in Version 12.4

Trigger Player and/or patterns off-beat to Midi-In using a control to set off-beat distance from Midi-In notes.
Fixed [Chan Pulse] when using the filter [Trig=] for the on-point keyboard [Trig] feature.
Improved Piano Roll Features.
Added an option to Keyboard’s ‘Chan Arrange’ button to change note channels as you
middle click the control.
Improved ‘Help’.

Version 12.3

Added a second indicator which can be beat manipulated to trigger the Keyboard’s on-point features.

Version 12.2

Improved and optimized Keyboard on-point triggering for Acc.
Improved trigger filters ‘Trig=‘ and ‘Acc=‘ for Repeat count and Midi In triggering.
Added option to the piano roll’s ‘Add’ letting you drag to remove using the right mouse button.

Version 12.1

Added Midi In trigger option to Player and Arps, instead of using a normal clock.
Added program wide protection against feedback loops.

Version 12

Added ‘Receive Time Clock’ to Midi-In menu.
Improved storing in real-time including Midi-In store.
Added option to use Midi-In notes to trigger on-point keyboard notes.
Added option to use Midi-In notes to replace harmony of stored notes playing.
Added option to nudge stored note times to coincide with Midi In.
Improved channel triggering of the arpeggiators.
Improved section indicator triggering to include Arp and Acc as you point to notes.
Added a second indicator independantly manipulated to accompany the first.
Added filters options to on-point pattern triggering that include Delay and a selector to add trigger calls.
Added note selection methods including filtered note select which can be used to trigger between notes playing.
Added ‘Stretch’ option to use the Slow/Fast setting to slow Store Real-Time result.
Modified the Acc filter ‘Offset’ to work for the Acc play button.
Modified the Keyboard’s Add feature to insert notes at ‘Repeat Count’ or ’Dice Time’.
Added a toggle button to switch between ’Repeat Count’ or ’Dice Time’, and normal timing.
Added a drag option to channel lists to toggle them on/off.
Added column drag-select to the piano roll as an alternative to dragging over notes to select.
Modified piano rolls drag-add to be controlled by ‘Repeat Count’ beat results.
Added a snap (harmony move only) option to the piano rolls drag-move.
Added invert selection option to the piano roll’s drag-select.
Fixed bug when storing a large amount from another play button in real-time.
Many other small fixes and improvements.
Improved Help.

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