crusherX-Live! v6.14
by Jörg Stelkens
(Jörg Stelkens Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 26.3 MB
Price: EUR 179
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Pentium 300MHz, 32MB RAM, Win 9x/ME/2000, DirectX Soundcard or ASIO Driver, optional MIDI-Device and Force-Feedback Joystick

Last Updated: 2014-02-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

crusher-X is a shareware program whose powerful vapor synthesis algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex and cool waves. crusher-X does distill and transform sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusher-X can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit. You can create sounds with the internal oscillators or samplers as well as real-time stereo input sound (e.g. a microphone). Internal feedback loops allows self-oscillation within crusher-X! Multichannel ASIO Outputs allows extreme impressive sound installations and multichannel compositions up to 10 independent channels.

An overall multidimensional morphing system morphs the sound between each parameter changing (e.g. on Loading, on Undo/Redo, on MIDI-Event, on turning a pocket dial knob etc.). This creates clouds of sweeping, shifting and graining sounds. The morph time can be ranged from 1ms up to 1 hour!

Try it and hear the result! It’s more than sound, it’s more than music, it’s really fun!

Beside the interface you can optional control the crusher by using MIDI (unlimited amount of Key-Groups and Controllers with Map-functions) or/and a joystick. If you have a force feedback device you can feel the parameters changing. The ASIO Interface allows using of professional low latency multichannel soundcards and hardware.

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New in v6.14

  • Keyboard now shows the saved generator keys after undo/redo, loading a preset or a file

New in v6.11

  • Improved sound quality of pitch shift algorithm
  • New advanced anti aliasing algorithm
  • New advanced interpolation algorithm on DCOs
  • Add aliasing button in vapor panel
  • Enhanced MIDI control performance
  • New in v6.10

    • New wave buffer loading
    • New sound windowing on start/stop vapor buffer trigger to prevent spikes
    • New GUI theme
    • New fader wheels on mixer faders
    • New global Midi Mode
    • New wave buffer visualization in cloud 3D view (z-axis)
    • New grain length visualization in cloud 3D view
    • New volume control in IO-peak and File-peak window
    • Supports Windows 8
    • GUI Cleanup, increase font size
    • Replace ? help signs by clickable panel headlines
    • Move Oscillograph input in front of volume out fader
    • Change direction of grain window scan from backward to forward
    • Increase controller assignment performance
    • Bugfix for crash on extreme big vapor buffer sizes
    • Bugfix for fast button press bug
    • Bugfix for crash during fast record off/on switching
    • Bugfix for newbiew mode
    • Bugfix for VST bridge functionality (replaced by crusherX-Studio!)
    • Bugfix for GUI scale and background picture functionality (no longer necessary due to gui cleanup)

    New in v3.51

    • Add French interface language
    • Add French help files
    • Add German help files
    • Add color shemes
    • Add metal look
    • Add full mouse wheel support on all edit boxes and on pm-field
    • Add main menue, remove menue buttons
    • Add WinXP styles
    • Improve behavior of interface elements
    • Change MIDI-learning behavior on 96/97 inc/dec controllers
    • Remove strange behavior of cloud phase
    • Remove recording bug: in some cases file recording was not finalized
    • Remove minor interface bugs

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Hi people,i'm about to download the crusher x live thing as me and a friend want to get an idea of how to do this shit!
we want a sort of prodigy sound with some heavy guitar riffs in there as well.cheers

Audio properties

Have been playing a bit with the demo...seems like cool prog...but an unable to record real time with another audio grabbers while Crusher is this just a feature with the demo or does it disable all other audio properties on your system.... think it would be cool for someone to set up a newsgroup for this program if there isnt one already....

How much is it!!!???!?!

The site says $79, another person said $69, and then there are people talking about $40.
How much is registration?

Re: How much is it!!!???!?!

Please look at the homepage to find out actual price. At this moment it is US$69 without tax.

registration fee

Hitsquad lists the registration price as $49 but when I go to register, it ask for $79.
What's the deal???

Re: registration fee - Correction

I meant to say that the reg. page asks for $69.

: Hitsquad lists the registration price as $49 but when I go to register, it ask for $79.
: What's the deal???

Registered 1.53 Users-DON'T INSTALL 2.02

I wrote to Stelkens regarding this, and am waiting for a reply.... your registration # will NOT work in 2.02, and you will be left with demo software.
Hell, 1.53 never even worked properly for me.

Jim M.

Re: Registered 1.53 Users-DON'T INSTALL 2.02

: I wrote to Stelkens regarding this, and am waiting for a reply.... your registration # will NOT work in 2.02, and you will be left with demo software.

Sorry for the confusion. You can install the 2.xx versions in a new directory and the old 1.53 version will still work. You can also reinstall the old 1.53 version in an other directory and it will work too. If you had lost your code during installation, please drop me a line and i´ll send you your key again.

But thats true: The new 2.xx version needs update fee. Registered users get special conditions.

: Hell, 1.53 never even worked properly for me.

Oh, please use new support form

to tell me whats going wrong.

Best wishes


I'm looking for Freeware tutorials on music software and possible a good start-up program for beginners.

Any Help?




Well, i tried to slow some of the wobble (or)
LFO effect, but it doesnt seem possible. does it ever have a smooth or solid signal, you dont always want that "wobble."-or LFO type effect.



Demo doen't allow enough time to fully evaluate this program...maybe it's good, but why are all the sample programs at the same tempo? Take a pass until the demo shows what you can do.

Re: Crusher-X

Well, for me the whole point of granular synthesis is fiddling around and creating weird noises. The DSP-Structure visualisation is very handy and gives a very quick understanding of this program. When you're familiar with synthesis structures in general and see the interface of this program you'll see the potential of this program right away! Buy it, $40 is an absolute giveaway!

Re: Crusher-X

:Buy it, $40 is an absolute giveaway!

I completely agree.

Re: Crusher-X

Thank you Jim!

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