DIN Is Noise v14
by Jagannathan Sampath
(Jagannathan Sampath Website)
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Operating System:
File Size: 4.3 MB
Price: USD 20
License Conditions:

You cannot save changes and some other features are limited.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 and above

Last Updated: 2014-12-05
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DIN Is Noise is a software musical instrument for Mac OS X and Windows.

Musicians can use Bezier curves to draw and sculpt waveforms, create beats and modulation patterns, and create delay feedback and volume patterns. They can also create an unlimited number of drones on any microtone, sculpt their timbre in realtime, orbit drones around other drones, launch drones like rockets and let them fall and bounce back under virtual gravity.

DIN Is Noise also includes 12 geometry to sound plugins that can make waveforms, envelopes and modulation patterns from regular/star polygons, rose curves, spirals, lissajous and superformula curves. Plugins also exist to make fractal waveforms, morph waveforms into each other, transform maps of 245 countries into waveforms and turn the unique bit pattern of any printable character, number or colour into unique waveforms, shapeforms, envelopes or modulation patterns.

You can also play DIN like a traditional bowed instrument (e.g., Cello, Sarangi) with a suitable mouse. Accurate Glissando, vibrato & tremolo is possible. A new instrument called Mondrian inspired by the works of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian helps musicians launch virtual balls that bounce off walls and trigger notes or microtones.

Musicians can save the sounds they are making into sample accurate uncompressed .WAV files. DIN also supports MIDI and can be extended by writing Tcl scripts.

Changes in v14

  • A new in-DIN plugin called the Number that can let you transform the unique bit pattern of any printable character, billions of numbers and 16.7 million colours into shapeforms, waveforms, envelopes and modulation patterns.

Changes in v13

  • Classical waveform to classical waveform morphing
  • shapeform to shapeform morphing
  • Envelope and Modulation curve morphing too!
  • Scale parameter on Fractaliser goes in negative too.
  • A negative value flips the seed pattern.
  • Introduced new pricing structure for DIN licenses
  • Pay once, keep forever Current Version License at USD 19.99 with Bug fixes but no further upgrades
  • Monthly Subscription License at USD 9.99 that you can cancel anytime, with free upgrades while subscription is active.
  • Lifetime License at USD 111 as before

Changes in v7.0a

  • New GUI
  • FIX for Menu > Tools > Label Vertices which didn't do anything in 7.0.
  • Move whole curve with LSHIFT + f
  • In prep for any closed shape > waveform in future release.
  • Adjust color of tangent to be dimmer than the vertices.
  • Prune the DIN Tcl commands, remove unused ones.
  • Improve documentation on Tcl commands.

Changes in v5.7

  • Configure and monitor your audio & MIDI devices
  • Numeric or western notation
  • Alternate tunings
  • Fixed the BPM of modulating drones.
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