by Rui Nuno Capela
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LV2 Plugin, Stand-alone Jack client

Last Updated: 2012-10-29
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Software Description

Drumkv1 is an open source drum-kit sampler synthesizer for Linux

This drum software sampler comes with old school style digital drum samples. It comes with its own built-in stereo effects. It can work as a pure stand-alone jack client or it can be used as LV instrument plugin.

Initial public release v0.1.0

  • MIDI Note-off event enablement parameter introduced.
  • Slight minor fix on fast-release re-triggering.
  • Element list and sample widget context menu's now a reality.
  • Added some command line options to the stand-alone JACK client program (--help and --version information).
  • Reimplemented mouse-wheel stepping on combo-dial knob widgets.
  • LV2 state chunk retrieve/save implementation complete.
  • Current element selection and stabilization.
  • Preset load/save is now fully functional.
  • Access to core engine instance has been slightly refactored.
  • Classic ADSR replaced by custom one-shot drum-mode specific envelope generators (Attack, Delay1, Level2, Delay2).
  • Detached generic double-linked list class into its own header.
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