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Last Updated: 2004-03-06
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Software Description


  • a handy tuner during recording sessions.
  • a real-time or post-process pitch corrector.
  • a pitch corrected or reference pitch monitor feed.


  • real-time pitch analysis of internal sound input in range a1 to a6 (44.1 to 1760 cps)
  • led-style input level meter
  • pitch meter, specifying pitch letter name and intonation in cents (each "led" represents 5 cents)
  • frequency display in cycles per second
  • pitch octave number display
    window size toggle triangle

  • response slider: faster response time gives less accurate pitch analysis and vice versa
  • sensitivity slider: softer amplitude settings will give less accurate analysis and vice versa
  • sound output
    • playthrough input sound
    • reference tone, playing an exactly in-tune sine tone of the current pitch of the input signal
    • pitch corrected output of input signal
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