Forte 5 Premium
by Lugert Verlag
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File Size: 57.47 MB
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Pentium 4 or higher or equivalent processor, DirectX comaptible sound card

Last Updated: 2014-05-23
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Software Description

Forte Premium is an intelligent music notation software designed to simplify the process of writing and reading musical notation. This is the full version of Forte, carrying all available features that are ideal for experienced musicians that require as many tools as possible.

Forte's "forte" is its well-designed intuitive user interface that lets you spend time on actual music instead of having to learn the software itself. It is meant to be an affordable alternative to the complex and expensive music notation programs that are currently available.

According to the developers, Forte is the first music software to strike the perfect balance between infinite creativity and deceptively simple recording tools. It will let you conveniently compose original scores or edit existing MIDI files, doing all the hard work for you as it captures your creations and changes as fast as you make them. And while working, it lets you watch your music-making in real-time notation on a dynamic score.

The new FORTE 5 version features the following: - New, easier to use interface with improved menu structure and navigation paths - FORTE Player with orchestral sound library, delivering an enhanced sound quality in an entirely new dimension - Simplified customized layout options for editing - Extended XML plug-in featuring the popular MXL format - Video exporter, allowing musicians to record their music directly in FORTE, upload their videos on video platforms, and share with others


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • New Forte Player (orchestral sound)
  • Edit every music symbol with a simple double-click
  • Several parts can be created in the same document
  • All layouts and views are automatically synchronized
  • Lyrics are automatically aligned under the notes
  • Import images, graphics and texts into your score
  • 8 individual voices can be used on the same staff
  • 9 different types of clefs and support for the octave signs
  • Support for compound and complex meters
  • Support for all meters types with denominators up to 64 and numerators up to 255
  • Support for duplets, triplets, quadruplets and other tuplets up to groups of 32
  • Support for 26 different ornaments
  • 26 different types of accents
  • Movable barlines, support for 4 different barline types
  • Support for repeat signs, repeat expressions and multiple endings
  • Add chord symbols effortlessly using the Chord Analyzer
  • Allow the use of guitar chord grids
  • Import formats: MIDI, MusicXML, CapX and KAR
  • Export formats: MIDI, MusicXML, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF and EPS.
  • Forte provides several different alternatives for entering, editing and viewing music
  • Page View: displays music exactly as it will be printed on a page
  • Track View: displays staves along one long scrolling view
  • Piano Roll: displays a time grid with a virtual piano
  • Creates envelopes for controllers, tempo, volume, etc. - Event List: displays music as MIDI events.

Changes in v5.0

  • New User Interface
  • New Score Layout features
  • Various other improvements and fixes
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