GeoSonix v0.931
by Chris Graham
(Chris Graham Website)

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File Size: 58 MB
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Open source (GPLv3)

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Last Updated: 2013-03-11
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Software Description

GeoSonix is a graphical music sequencer and music composition application.

It can play a graphically defined score, sending MIDI or Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to an external audio (or video) synthesizer in real time. Examples of MIDI software include Ableton Live, Native Instruments' series, Apple Logic, Minimoog, the Arturia series, Propellerhead Reason, and many others. It can also interface with OSC devices like PureData, C-Sound, SuperCollider, Open Frameworks, Processing, vvvv, Max/MSP and others.

It was developed based on IanniX but with improved support for MIDI, support for the control and generation of rhythmic music harmony, "tonal music", and the ability to incorporate bitmap images into music generation.

Path on Flower Image from Chris Graham on Vimeo.

Changes in v0.931
  • Minor updates made without affecting work you may have in the geoSonixDocuments directory
  • Bugfix for playing score to stop sending messages after a while
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