Guitarix v0.33.3
by Hermann Meyer
(Hermann Meyer Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.2 MB
License Conditions:

General Public License (GPL)

System Requirements:

Linux with Jack (Jack Audio Connection Kit).

Last Updated: 2015-08-03
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Software Description

As featured in the Amp Modeling Software Round-up & Best Guitar Effects Software on

guitarix is a Linux amplifier for jack (Jack Audio Connektion Kit) with one input and two outputs. Designed to get nice thrash/metal/rock guitar sounds. There are controls for bass, treble, gain,compressor, preamp, balance, distortion, freeverb, impulse response, crybaby(wah) and echo.

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New in Guitarix2 v0.33.3

  • Changes in the plugin section.
  • New Wah plug-in that emulates various types of wah pedals.
  • New Fuzz section with various fuzz pedals emulated
  • Various other effects

New in Guitarix2 v0.32.3

  • Added 2 new rc-styles (flat and green)
  • Replaced old outdated factory presets
  • Added some new plugin presets
  • Added jack midi out port to report state (CC messages) and control multiple instances with one interface
  • Set engine.mute to default midi controller 120 (All Sounds Off)
  • Added new command-line options -L start with Live Play interface and -M start with engine muted
  • Bugfix for some issues with remote control GUI and external plugs
  • Bugfix for some rc-style bugs for KDE Qtcurve engine

New in Guitarix2 v0.32.2

  • Bugfix for ADSPA/LV2 plugin
  • Bugfix for some rcstyle bugs for gtk-2.24.25 and maybe fixed them for KDE as well
  • Allow load of preset-files witch contain Denormal Numbers (flush to zero)
  • Add warning when denormal value found in preset file
  • If parameter is out of range, set it to the default value
  • Add missing Icons to glade-gxw
  • Add wavesharper pluginuse long int to compare regions size in -> (Gcc: 4.9.2)

New in Guitarix2 v0.30.0

  • Bugfix for faust based zita-rev1 implementation
  • LV2 support for guitarix racks
  • Added new plugs, GX based and in the LV2 format
  • New GxDetune (gx / LV2)
  • New Baxandall tonestack(gx)
  • New GxShimmizita ( LV2)
  • New GxSwitchedTremolo (LV2)

New in Guitarix2 v0.29.0

  • New gx and LV2 plug-ins
  • Record Mono/Stereo (gx)
  • JCM800PRE (Preamp simulation) (gx)
  • GCB_95 (WahWah simulation) (gx)
  • Duck Delay Mono/Stereo (gx / LV2)
  • Reverse Delay (gx)
  • Graphic EQ (gx / LV2)
  • Ring Modulator Mono/Stereo (gx)
  • Plate Reverb (gx)
  • Panorama Enhancer (gx)
  • Bass Enhancer (gx)
  • BarkGraphicEQ (24band LV2)
  • Minor source changes
  • Various bugfixes

New in Guitarix2 v0.28.3

  • Improved compatibility with mod-host
  • New plug-in MultiBandDistortion (main + LV2)
  • New plug-in MultiBandEcho (main + LV2)
  • New plug-in MultiBandDelay (main + LV2)
  • New plug-in MultiBandChorus (main)
  • New plug-in MultiBandCompressor ( + LV2)
  • New plug-in Fuzz 4*oversampled (LV2)
  • New plug-in LiveLooper (main)
  • New guitarix-webui remote control

New in Guitarix2 v0.28.2-3

  • Debian/control: vorbistools -> vorbis-tools

New in Guitarix2 v0.28.0

  • New MultiBandCompressor by kokoko3K
  • Comes with BestPlugins IR-Packs I-III by David Fau Casquel
  • DigitalDelay effect module
  • New French translation
  • Now defaults to LV2 build
  • Optimized embedded systems/ARM processors with Neon
  • Headlessmode interface for embedded systems
  • Can now connect to a remote instance
  • Multiple interface clients can now be started
  • Browser-based user interface

New in Guitarix2 v0.27.0

  • bugfix for deprecated g_type_init() call when glib >= 2.36
  • bugfix for controller range for gxtubedelay.lv2
  • add gxtuner.lv2
  • add gxmetal_head.lv2
  • add gxmetal_amp.lv2
  • various small bugfixes

New in Guitarix2 v0.26.0

  • Replaced GxAmplifier LV2 with GxAmplifier-X module
  • Added some new Amp models
  • Additional effect modules been ported to LV2

New in Guitarix2 v0.25.2

  • add ts9 tube screamer simulation to lv2.plugs
  • add dunlop wah / autowah simulation to lv2.plugs
  • add booster /treble/low to lv2.plugs
  • add factory settings file contributed by kokoko3k
  • add patch by Brendan Jones to set (libgxw)library install path
  • Bugfix for lv2 build on non ix86 arch (only use sse2 when supported by build host)
  • switch to use fixed block-size in zita-convolver for all lv2 amps

New in Guitarix2 v0.25.1

  • GxAmplifier tube 12ax7 tonestack sovtek cabinet 4x12
  • GxAmplifier-II tube 12AT7 tonestack soldano cabinet AC30
  • GxAmplifier-III tube 6C16 tonestack bassman cabinet 1x15
  • GxAmplifier-IV tube 6V6 tonestack soldano cabinet mesa
  • GxAmplifier-V tube 6DJ8 tonestack ampeg cabinet HighGain

New in Guitarix2 v0.24.2

  • Sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname usr/lib/
  • Bugfix for version mismatch in wscript

New in Guitarix2 v0.24.1

  • Bugfix for "organize" mod copying preset form one bank to the same one corrupts the bank
  • Add sse4a (CPU optimization) to wscript
  • Add treble booster unit
  • Set osc buffer-size menu to sensitive false when jack buffer is larger then 1023 to avoid X-runs

New in Guitarix2 v0.24.0

  • add --ldflags to configure options to make lintian a bit more happy
  • add command-line options to disable self-connections and auto-save
  • add command-line option to select the jack-server by name
  • add buffer-size selector for oscilloscope (required by bass-players)
  • use faust version 0.9.46

New in Guitarix2 v0.23.3

  • Bugfix for segfault on

New in Guitarix2 v0.23.2

  • Bugfix for segfault on 64 bit arch when load ladspa plug-ins
  • Bugfix for mono convolver controller

New in Guitarix2 v0.23.1

  • many small fixes and enhancements
  • compile fixes for FreeBSD
  • new mono convolver unit
  • new tubescreamer emulation (ts9)
  • new additional flanger unit
  • new expander module
  • new support for LADSPA mono/stereo plugins
  • more things witch I forget to mention here, properly

New in Guitarix2 v0.22.3

  • Bugfix for denormals generated under certain circumstances
  • Bugfix for switch off auto_startup_notification for splash window (unity)
  • Bugfix for Convolver: use correct channel count
  • Bugfix for Convolver: delay and maxsize must be based on system samplerate
  • Bugfix for preset_button in config mode
  • Bugfix for version 0.22.2 save scratch preset before switching to a newly created one
  • Bugfix for version 0.22.1 changed "requires" tag for gtk+ to 2.20 in
  • Bugfix for ladspa_guitarix: preset loading
  • Bugfix for ladspa_guitarix: module loading
  • Bugfix for ladspa_guitarix: loading (undefined symbols)
  • Bugfix for wrong variable in crybaby UI

New in Guitarix2 v0.21.0

  • Various bugfixes
  • Various enhancements
  • Parameter scaling for Vibe unit changed
  • New "live play mode"
  • Changes in the GUI

New in Guitarix2 v0.21.0

  • New: (4 mode)racktuner replaced old gxtuner
  • New: LADSPA wrapper for the complete engine
  • New: online help points to the guitarix Wiki
  • New: hide extended settings button for each module
  • Replace waf with wafadmin to respect the DFSG
  • Various changes in the source

New in Guitarix2 v0.20.0

  • Important bugfix: convolver (cabinet, presence) in 0.19.0 only
  • Worked when samplerate was 48000Hz
  • Avoid connect already connected ports
  • Always save state on exit
  • Separation of engine and UI
  • Adjustable tuner
  • Recall currently selected preset in guitarix state file
  • display selected preset / factory preset in window title and patch info window
  • updated factory settings from funkmuscle
  • reworked guitarix operation under a jack session manager
  • error popup window in addition to existing logging facility
  • command line option to set instance name
  • some more work to support localization
  • upgraded to zita-convolver version 3
  • other smaller changes and clean-ups

New in Guitarix2 v0.19.0

  • New Plug-in based engine
  • Noiseless switching
  • Window resizing for the logger
  • New Factory Presets
  • New cabinets
  • new Stereoverb module
  • Zita-Rev1 moduule
  • Added favorite list
  • Various bug fixes and memory efficiency enhancements

New in Guitarix2 v0.18.0

  • add tube model 12AT7
  • fix runtime issues when build with g++ > 4.5
  • add presence level controller
  • add bass booster level controller
  • switch to function pointer based engine
  • fix issues with GtkBuilder > 2.14 and Glade files
  • fix correct use of included zita-resampler source
  • add factory settings by autoandimat

New in Guitarix2 v0.17.0

  • fixed jack session support
  • add amp-model (push/pull)
  • add amp-model (feedback)
  • fix build/runtime issue on OSX
  • reformat source to the Google C++ Style Guide conventions
  • some minor fixes and maybe new bugs

New in Guitarix2 v0.15.0

  • reworked rc-style files
  • replace clean tube modes by a clean <-> distortion controller
  • new cab models and controls (level, bass, treble)
  • new tonestack models
  • make tonestacks and cabs a move-able module
  • cleaner effect rack construction
  • customizable effect rack order (horizontal, vertical)

Release 0.11.1 comes with following changes :

  • fix Bug Echo/Chorus/Delay/Slooper don't work
  • add pre/post processing switch to all mono Effects

New in v0.10.0

  • Add tonestack models
  • Add 2. amp model
  • Add cabinet impulse response module
  • Add Patch Info widget
  • Add Preset File Load/Export option
  • Add simple looper
  • Add Oscilloscope and tuner state to main settings
  • Selectable distortion model (multi/single line)
  • Selectable EQ model (fixed/scalable freq)
  • Free mem when not used (delay lines)
  • Reworked Gui
  • Fix various bugs

Guitarix Demo:

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