gx_head 0.14.0
by guitarix
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Last Updated: 2011-04-19
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Software Description

gx_head is a derivation from the guitarix project and provide a simple guitar amp head interface, a tuner, a mono rack and a stereo rack.

In-build effects can un/loaded to the racks, reordered and saved as presets.

All Controllers provide a MIDI learn connection via JACK MIDI Presets can switch/load/unload with the MIDI program change message (any channel).

gx_head provides 3 tube models (12AX7, 12AU7, 6V6) and 8 different tonestack models(Bassman, Twin Reverb, Princeton, JCM-800, JCM-2000, M-Lead, M2199, AC30), so you can simply create the amp-model to your needs.

It comes with a bunch of in-build effects, like distortion, crybaby, autowah, phaser, flanger, echo, delay, . . .

The effects could ordered in two Racks, on for the mono effects, witch could be load for pre or post processing, and one for the stereo effects, witch could only used in post processing.

Effects are loadable over the menu, a pop-up menu in the racks, or a plugin bar. Settings could saved/load as presets. gx_head comes with some factory settings provided by guitarix/gx_head friend "funkmuscle".

All UI controllers could connected with jack midi via MIDI learn with your external MIDI controllers.

gx_head is ready for language support via gettext() and comes thanks to Pablo Fernández with a Spanish translation.

Main Features

  • 8 tonestack models
  • 3 tube models
  • cabinet impulse response module
  • bass boster
  • easy Impulse Response file support via zita-convolver
  • on the fly IR-file resampling via zita-resampler
  • Oscilloscope and tuner
  • multi band distortion model
  • scalable EQ
  • phaser, flanger, stereo delay, stereo echo,
  • overdrive, compressor, freeverb, reverb,
  • chorus, moog filter, low/high pass filter, . .
  • MIDI learn
  • Patch Info widget
  • Preset File Load/Export option
  • factory settings
  • language support
  • shining User Interface via GTK/gtkmm

New in v0.14

  • add tube 6DJ8
  • add clean tube modes
  • reworked drive controller (bypass <-> wet)
  • add clipper
  • add mono level controller
  • add French translation by jy
  • add TACTILE skin by Pete Shorthose
  • add knob animation support by Pete Shorthose
  • add new knob images by Pete Shorthose
  • add new switch images by Pete Shorthose
  • fix 64bit related bug in libgxw by Pete Shorthose
  • add factory settings by Dave Phillips
  • add 3band EQ + sharper
  • add tremolo by transmogrifox (Rakarrack)
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