iCDc v4.3.3
by Anders Wählby
(Anders Wählby Website)

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Last Updated: 2003-11-01
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Software Description

iCDc is a CD Info.cidb (was CD Remote Programs) editor and Audio CD catalog tool for Mac OS X compatible with iTunes 2 - 4. With iCDc you can view and edit the title and artist information about Audio CDs that is stored by iTunes in the CD Info.cidb file in the Preferences folder.

It is also possible to export the list to several different formats including

iCDc Features:

  • Browse your complete Audio CD library similar to your iTunes Mp3

  • Download information about Audio CDs from the Internet.
  • Queue CDs for later download.
  • Edit Artist, Album, Track name,
    Genre, Composer etc.

  • Displays cover art for your CDs
  • Custom fields - Add your own fields to the catalog, using for example date of
    purchase, price etc!

  • Import CD Remote Programs or comma separated files from other applications.
  • Mutliple edit - Edit several records at

  • Sort order: Change sort order (i.e. sort Bruce Springsteen under Springsteen Bruce).
  • Search your library easily.
  • Export the library to HTML or XML or any other text based format with complete control of the output.
  • Much more!
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