iKlax Creator Pro v1.0
by iKlax Media
(iKlax Media Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 25 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: EUR 69.00

System Requirements:

RAM: 1GB; Hard drive: 100 MB; Processor : 1Ghz

Last Updated: 2008-10-15
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Software Description

The iKlax format is a multitrack digital audio format allowing various actions on musical data, for instance on mixing and volumes arrangements.

This kind of structure opens unexploited creative areas allowing adding more than one instrument version per file for example.

The listeners can then browse within the songs musical architecture and vary the versions on offer.

Fully uncurbed and fitted with new functionalities, iKlax Creator Pro is the standard of interactive music creation in multitrack iKlax format. It privileges creativity, functionality and ease of use. It is an unequalled choice for composers, arrangers, sound engineers, mixing professionals and advanced users. For those early adopters of music's future, those motivated by the interactive dimension that music can have.

[Forcing two samples to be played simultaneously]
The artist can opt to disallow separation of two samples. iKlax allows the implication. For example, the drums will always be associated with a specific bass sample. The listener will never be able to play the drums without the bass.

[Prohibits the simultaneous play of two samples]
If the artist considers that two samples shouldn't be played simultaneously, he may use the exclusion. For example, guitar version one should never be associated with piano version two. The listener will never be able to perform the change.

iKlax's will is to open new scopes of artistic creation while adding to the relationship between the artists and his public, without infringing on the creative essence. As a fundamental iKlax Media value, these "securities" guarantee the respect of an artist's creation, and of his or her vision of the work.

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One of the stupidest looking

This is one of the stupidest looking programs and concepts i have ever seen.

Where's 'record'?

Why do we need a new interface? the traditional mulititrack interface is fine thanks!

You create a new way of doing things when people are quite happy with the old one for the sake of being clever clever.

I think you're forgetting that this is supposed to be a tool for musicians to get their ideas down.

Believe it or not developers we don't want to spend half our lives figuring out how to use your software. We just want to record ideas WE ALREADY HAVE.

Rethink. design something that is actually useful and not counter-intuitive like this thing.

And while you're at it how about making it for MACOS 9??? there's sod all out there of any use. only audacity and a bunch of 'save disabled' crippleware.

We wouldn't be out looking for freeware if we had the cash for pro-tools

Re: One of the stupidest looking

If you had understood the purpose of the software you would bite your tongue... its not replacing or attempting to rethink anything... Its only to create multitrack files, so you import your already recorded & edited & masterized stem tracks and create your thing, in multitrack... for the listener, and that is quite cool.

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