ian's iBeat 2.0 Beta 1
by Jan Sandig/Syntax Phreaks Germany
(Jan Sandig/Syntax Phreaks Germany Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 6.7 MB
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This is an UNSUPPORTED BETA of the brand new version 2.0 without user banks and help, but with many, many cool and long-awaited features.

System Requirements:

Pentium II 233 and up, 16 MB RAM, DirectX, Multi channel capable sound card, 20 MB free disk space

Last Updated: 2002-09-27
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Software Description

ian's iBeat Audio Loop Generator by Syntax Phreaks Germany is a multi file format sample tracker engine, which is constructed like a vintage 8 track hardware sequencer.

You can adress 4 samples per track and step, You have 16 steps per pattern and a 4-Pattern-Multimode.

iBeat's Sample Bank Manager supports the sound file formats Aiff, Wav, Sun AU, SWA and - of course - MP3. And iBeat's is so easy to operate - it lets You point and click phat'n' funky beats in just a few minutes!

Needless to say, iBeat features full volume and stereo panorama control for each track.

Current ian's iBeat 1.1.3 features:

  • Eight Tracks
  • One-bar patterns
  • 16 steps per track
  • Custom tempo (30 - 200 BPM)
  • Four individual samples p. track
  • Multimode: Four patterns combined in a playlist
  • Volume p. track
  • Pan p. track
  • Volume-/Bankinfo saveable in pattern
  • Mixing Automation
  • Visual pattern editor
  • Visual bank editor
  • load/save banks
  • Load/save patterns
  • Multi-Format-Support: WAV, Aiff, Sun AU, Shockwave Audio, MP3
  • Changeable Interface Graphics ("Skins")
  • Six internal Sound Banks
  • Audio Recording with the system recorder or Your most preferred program
  • iBeat supports Drag @ Drop and doubleclicking of patterns
  • Patterns are editable in realtime (during playback)
  • And the best of all it's Freeware!

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iBeat wont work

For some reason iBeat wont open up. When I click on it it says I have to download Shoockwave Player 8.5 which I have repeatedly done but it still says I haven't downloaded it and wont open. HELP!!!!!!


Ibeat SUCKS even for a beta version. I mean the thing looks cool with changeable skins and all but other than that it's a dump truck . I hope they aren't gonna try and sell it to any- one .

wav rendering

i downloaded the total recorder but i beat seems to go bazerk on its playing. Is there another program that i can use to rendering my beats to wav format. Im tring to open them up in soundforge/

Re: wav rendering

Well iBeat doesnt have any wav rendering option, so I guess the only way to do it would be to record it to wav. Total Recorder has always been quite dependable in the past. My advice would be to try another wave recording device. Try a program from http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/win95/AUDIO_RECORDING/

fiel convierson

Greetings ive tried all the file conversion software that i could get free on the net. Im trying to record vocals over the beats that i created in the ibeat program. Is there a utility out that can convert the format to a wav or mp3????

brand new, high quality, free loops!

<a href="http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/362/m-loops.html">http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/362/m-loops.html</a>



First thanks for the free beats...Please E-mail any helpfull hints
reguarding this freeware..Mi-Gwitch(ojibwe meaning thank you)

Re: Tips

: First thanks for the free beats...Please E-mail any helpfull hints
: reguarding this freeware..Mi-Gwitch(ojibwe meaning thank you)

Go to www.syntaxphreaks.com for information directly from the source.



render wav file?

i downloaded the app, and it's fun (and you can't beat free), but what can you do with the patterns besides listen to them playback within the application? got a pattern going in a couple of minutes, and immediately tried to save a wav of it to open up in SoundForge or Acid, but i couldn't figure out how. is it possible?

Re: render wav file?

Just download Total Recorder + crack off Kazaa or your equivalent, install and record it to Wav off that. You can get the shareware version of it off this site.


Re: render wav file?


Audio rendering will be possible in the final version of 2.0, this is a not fully functional BETA.

>> (and you can't beat free)

Sure You can! Just click somewhere on top of the sequenzer window where the numbers 1 to 16 appear - You can set the in point by left mouseclick, the out point of the pattern by right click. This gives You any beat (e.g. 4/4, 7/8, 13/16, and so on) You want.



PS: visit www.syntaxphreaks.com for iBeat directly from the source.

Re: render wav file?

: >> (and you can't beat free)

Das heisst: "Nichts uebertrefft, was kostenlos ist."

Haha. Will the full version w/ wave rendering capability be available for free?

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