JChordBox 0.5b
by Laurent Schwart
(Laurent Schwart Website)

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Java 1.7

Last Updated: 2013-04-29
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Software Description

JChordBox is a MIDI software that generates accompaniment based on chord progressions and music style.

You can dictate the music style by adding markers to delimit grooves in the XML and MIDI files. The XML file is also used to descriibe the chord progression used.

JChordBox comes with several command line tools (GenerateSong, CreateStyleFromMidiFile, SongPlayer …).


  • build music templates from a MIDI file by adding markers to delimit each groove
  • songs written in XML format (chord progression)
  • mainly command line oriented : (GenerateSong, CreateStyleFromMidiFile,SongPlayer ...)
  • provides java API for future WYSIWYG software integration.
  • interactive text user interface called SongPlayer that can play MIDIfiles and JChordBox song (runs in terminal)
  • french and english translations

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