Kick N Bass Gel
by Mind Doctors Make Acid
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Demo switches off after 5 minutes.

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2013-06-28
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Software Description

Kick N Bass Gel is a synthesizer for creating Kick and Bass sounds.

This plug-in's original path was to make psychedelic trance friendly synth sounds, but it turned out to be a tool that any dance music producer can utilize. You can see it as a kick and bass synthesizer that can speed up your music production workflow.



  • Compressor
  • Phase inverter
  • Right channel phase inverter
  • Mono switch
  • Phase control
  • HP/BP/LP Filter
  • H/D Envelope
  • Sampler
  • Synth with 8 knobs that control 4 simultaneous pitch envelopes


  • Compressor
  • Phase inverter
  • Right channel phase inverter
  • Mono switch
  • 2 Oscillators with:
  • 13 Waveforms
  • Phase control
  • Fine tuning (modulable by LFO)
  • LP/HP Dual filters (modulable by velocity, lfo and filter envelopes)
  • Dedicated multi stage envelopes for each oscillator filter
  • Analogue distortion
  • Parabolic saturation
  • Overdrive
  • LFO
  • Offset (+/- 50ms range)


  • 3 band multiband distortion
  • Chorus for bass hi band
  • Harmonic attenuators
  • Sidechain unit with normal and highpass sidechain
  • H/D Envelope (sets both KnB's lenght to be the same)
  • HP/BP/LP Filter

For kick you have the option of using it's sampler or create your own kick in a highly advanced kick synthesizer created by multiple pitch envelopes that give you the ability to shape your kick in unthinkable ways.

For bass you have 2 oscillators with dedicated lowpass and highpass filters that can work separate or be combined for a highly dynamic sound, these filters can be modulated by the included LFO, by velocity and by their individual graphical filter envelopes winch are very flexible. You also have a selection of 3 different types of distortion to beef up your bass, these are Analogue Distortion, Parabolic Saturation and Overdrive.

Instead of the typical equalizers, Kick N Bass Gel is equipped with harmonic attenuators that track the main bass harmonics saving you from having to find them and giving you the peace of mind of not having to automate your equaliser parameters to follow the bass note changes.

There's also a multiband section were you can add analogue distortion to both kick and bass, control their different band volumes and for the bass hi band you have a dedicated chorus unit to give a nice spread to the bass without affecting the low end of your combo.

One of the main features of this synthesizer its an integrated sidechain module with 2 different types of sidechain. We all know the typical sidechain were the kick plays, the bass lowers its volume and this is integrated in this plug-in but there is a fairly recent technique were instead of lowering the bass volume we only bypass its lower frequencies using an highpass filter, this is much better for most case scenarios because this way you are still able to hear your bass when the kick plays and this is also integrated in the sidechain module.

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