Liptikl 2
by Intermorphic
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Last Updated: 2016-04-29
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Software Description

The cut-up technique is a powerful process for stimulating creative writing. Liptikl is a well loved cut up machine that first generates random word associations from several user entered text fields and then lets you word-by-word lock down what you really like.

Liptikl's fast, effective, iterative approach can quickly give you fresh ideas to explore. It could be just what you are looking for to spark something original and different!

Liptikl can be used to :

  • Break writer's block
  • Generate interesting word associations
  • Kick start new lyrics/poems
  • Find new directions and possibilities for existing lyrics
  • Have more fun with words and writing!

New Liptikl 2

  • Support for iCloud Drive
  • Single word cut-up alternatives makes it quick and easy to change just one word
  • Editable / extendable Liptikl Word Bank with hundreds of useful words that can also be blended in to a cut-up
  • Improved interface with with resizable panels and text fields that support many standard OS X services including Text to Speech
  • Drag and rearrange words in a cut-up
  • Now supports up to 5 Ideas fields into which you can import Sources text
  • Word Lock states now stored in saved Cut-ups
  • Bugfixes

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i want to know how to sing

i want to know how to sing

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