by Piet Van Oostrum

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Last Updated: 1997-12-15
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Software Description

Two programs to manipulate standard midifiles. mf2t is a program that reads a standard midifile (format 0 or 1) and writes an ASCII representation of it that is both compact and easily parsable. t2mf is the companion program that reparses the text representation into a midifile.

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mf2t.exe and t2mf.exe

I love mf2t.exe and t2mf.exe. They work on xp and win7 (and many DOS files) work with DOSBOX.exe (download from

How? After loading DOSBOX, run several cross linked BATch files. See below for an example.

1st File: RunningDoxBox5.bat (see next for code in this batch file)

cd Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74
C:\Users\RPower\Documents\EMusic\00Ron\0MorseCodeCwmidi\\demos\1001 Vienna Blood by Johann Strauss.mid >> C:\Users\RPower\Documents\EMusic\00Ron\0MorseCodeCwmidi\\demos\1001 Vienna Blood by Johann Strauss.txt" -c "pause" -c "rem exit"
DOSBox.exe -c "mount c C:\Progra~4\MusicC~1" -c "c:" -c "cd 1" -c "DosBox5" rem -c "pause" -c "rem exit"

2nd File: DosBox5.bat (see next for code in this batch file)
0mf2t.exe 1001Vi~1.mid 1001Vi~1.txt
0t2mf.exe 1001Vi~1.txt 1001Vi~2.mid
dir/w *.*



What Happen?

This prog does not work with WinXp.

What Happen?

This prog doe not work with WinXp.

I Can,t Download it

I Try to Download your Mf2t(t2Mf) program from all of locations you show, but I only get an URL. What I can do to download the program?

If you answer me in Spanish I will thank you a lot.

Thanks for your help


for the auther of mf2t thanks a lot. it is wonderful program. I feel complete control on using it more than gui programs. I know, commonly using gui programs is easier. but sometimes you lose some of the control on your tasks.


Después que lo pruebe te cuento

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