MIDI Utility Pack
by KBD-Infinity
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Windows based PC

Last Updated: 2014-06-19
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Software Description

The MIDI Utility Pack includes six essential programs for anyone who uses MIDI files.

MIDI Microscope shows the binary content of MIDI files cross-linked with text descriptions of the commands.

MiniMIDI Player is a compact, fast and accurate MIDI file player.

With MiniMIDI Recorder, you can record your electronic keyboard performances and save them as MIDI files.

MIDI File Manager is a general-purpose two-window file manager with special features to organize MIDI files. The program includes a built-in player to review the contents of MIDI files.

Tempus Fugit is a digital metronome for MIDI devices with many advanced features.

MIDI Typer converts MIDI files between Type 0 and Type 1 formats. Optionally, the program ensures that all voice specifications are General MIDI compliant.

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