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The software is free and fully functional as is, but please make a donation to support further development. Check menu: Help -> Registration

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Java Runtime Environment

Last Updated: 2008-03-10
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Software Description

midi2style is a stand alone software program for converting MIDI files to Yamaha Arranger Keyboard Style Files.


  • midi2style reads MIDI files format 0 and format 1
  • MIDI files with all time signatures (including 32th's) and in all keys can be used for conversion
  • MIDI file length is only limited by computer resources
  • MIDI file player with mute patch, loop and quantize functions
  • Style part start and length settings are transferable directly from the MIDI file player
  • All 16 known Yamaha style parts can be created
  • Intro and Ending Parts can play "melodic" (non harmonized) as the MIDI file
  • Maximum style parts length is 64 measures (fills one measure)
  • XG voice and PSR Panel voice support

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This is not freeware. You

This is not freeware. You have to donate to get it.

Donating is option

I believe donating is optional - you can just download it and use it for free if you want to.


where are the download click?

cho em phan mem

mong cac anh chi cho em phan mem



Re: student

: downloard



thanh pho Thai Nguyen

hay qua troi luon. cam on nha

thanh pho Thai Nguyen

hay qua troi luon. cam on nha


downloard v4.18 free 2day


user 2 day shipping


downloard midi2stylev4.18 use 2 day free



Midi to Yamaha Converter

Your Site is confusing to me, I dont know how to understand . It is too many advertisement

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