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OSX 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

Last Updated: 2013-02-08
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Software Description

midiBug is an app that lets you manually bug the midi stream of your Mac to create unique sounds.

You can use it to experiment on various combinations of midi tracks and sounds. Just load up any type of sound on midiBUG and then resample!

To use, setup any midi sound module or a sampler that plays your favorite sound in your Mac. Be sure that it receives midi input from any available virtual bus. And remember to set your volume low.

Launch midiBUG and click on the “PRESS” or hit Space Bar and you will understand how it works. Press [H] for hints to use each controls.

Note: Offset should be 1 (or 0 in case) and Rewind should be “RUN” to get it keeps running. Each controls are internally combined so one or more controls will be useless to change depending on the setting.

With midiBUG, you can manipulate a midi track and create unexpected sounds, ideal when you are bored with your current track. Also ideal for experimenting with your sounds from your library.

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