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Fully functional trial. Expires after 7 days. Program closes 20 mins after each launch. Registration: GBP 39.99

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Last Updated: 2013-02-05
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Software Description

MIDIm8 acts a bridge between a controller keyboard or keyboards and all the various sound producing MIDI devices available today from Keyboards and Sound Modules to Virtual Instruments on your computer.

Connecting a sound module to a keyboard is a simple process of plugging the MIDI cable from the controller to the module. You play the keyboard and you get a sound… great! But what next? Getting it to sound the way you want and storing the results for easy recall soon becomes a real labour - scrolling through endless menus and peering at a tiny display, with only a handful of buttons to work with.

Editor software exists for some devices but it only works with the device it was designed for. MIDIm8 has been designed to give you a universal way of working with all MIDI equipment. It's easy to use, so you can quickly and simply get at everything you need, putting everything right in front of you by taking advantage of graphical knobs sliders and switches. Store the result as a preset, save it to your hard disk for instant recall.

It's not just about what you can do it is about how it's done that helps you create great sound combinations. Think of MIDIm8 as the operating system of your own custom music setup. You use the same controls for any MIDI device connected to the program so you only need to learn one way of creating your settings and MIDIm8 translates everything to match your different pieces of MIDI equipment.

You'll save valuable creative time and more importantly you'll hear the result in the music you make. Even basic equipment starts to sound impressive once you have the controls to make fine adjustments quickly and easily.

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