Midistry v1.999
by Mario Cesar Gomez Segura

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File Size: 870K
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System Requirements:
Last Updated: 1999-05-07
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Midistry plays all the .MID AND .KAR files in the directory selected in its control panel, working like a 'jukebox'. You only have to group files in directories according to your preferences, and then select the desired diretory to have all its songs played, one after the other.

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Gostaria de saber como entrar em contato pessoalmente com a emprêsa aqui no Brasil, caso haja alguma representação.


C. E. Olivieri

Very cool!

I like this program a lot-- I never found out about it until now. I like the animated backgrounds, but they only work when your display is at 256 colors, unfortunately, but, hey, who cares! It's cool, and it's free, fast and fun!

Thanks very much to the creator of this very original midi player and jukebox! Well done!

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