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Trial fully functional for 7 days. After 7 days it goes into audio-only mode - FULLY FUNCTIONAL FOR AUDIO FOREVER (you can even play/slowdown the audio from video files) but you need to pay to continue viewing/slowing down/zooming videos

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Last Updated: 2016-03-22
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Software Description

A media player with video slowdown and zoom - with the usual features you'd expect from a slowdowner + some nice extras aimed squarely at musicians. It's currently Windows only.

It's aimed at musicians who've downloaded video or audio lessons

* Course Accelerators: Download preset definitions of courses, then load them into MPE – this loads up useful information for all lessons in a course (useful sections, keys, tempos, time signatures, lesson names, associated charts/jams) – HUGE time saver!
* Smart Metronome: Automatically defaults to the same tempo and time signature as the lesson or jam track you’re currently working with. Trainer mode allows you to gradually work towards target tempos
* Various other usability and robustness improvements

* Quality improvement release - improved audio/video synching (has been an issue on some machines)
* Now works in countries where commas are used instead of decimal points for numbers

* Zoom in on video
* Slow down VIDEO files whilst retaining pitch (or you can speed up as well)
* Slow down audio files whilst retaining pitch (or you can speed up as well)
* Adjust pitch
* Tempo trainer: repeat a loop gradually speeding up or slowing down
* Key trainer: repeat a loop whilst systematically working through different keys
* Sections (bookmarks) - divide videos and audio into named sections that you can easily find later
* Libraries - organize your educational material into libraries
* Show the performance tempo and the tempo at the current playback speed
* Show the performance key and the key at the current playback pitch
* Associated files: associate pdf charts, jam tracks, GuitarPro, PowerTab, and Microsoft Word files with each of your lessons

If you're experiencing issues with old Truefire videos appearing diagonal and black and white please post #10 here for solution:

Also the audio only version is FREE forever. You can even play the audio tracks from videos in this mode.

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