Musical Notes Preschool v2.0
by Zoran Grujic MA
(Zoran Grujic MA Website)

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Last Updated: 2008-11-01
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Software Description

Even very small children can learn to recognize and read musical notes. They even don't have to know letters and reading. Purpose of Musical notes preschool is to learn kids or adults recognizing and reading musical notes in easy and fun way, by well known pairs game, with animal pictures, sounds and colors help.

Software builds close associations between name of note, associated animal picture and sound of note. Next phase is adding note in line system along with already familiar animal picture, while in final phase apprentice have to find note pairs only by looking notes without pictures and listening note sounds.

Musical notes preschool is highly customizable and adaptable program. It can be customized to practice notes in both treble and bass clef, 6 different octaves which can be useful for more experienced musicians for practicing low and high end octave notes. There are game statistics enabling real time result tracking, as well as long time result and learning progress tracking contained in annexed logfile.

Learning notes is pleasant and easy like this game. Check it out!

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music notes

hello, i was woundering if you can help me please. im looking for a web page that has musical notes on that also have letters as well,so i can put the letters on to my daughters keyboard so she can play her high school musical music on her keyboard.

thank you Alyson MacDonld.[Mrs]

Recording music

Is there a program that will record a music practice piece, for e.g. an accordion (more than just a couple of seconds), and display what is being played including the timing (e.g. are all the quarter notes being played for the same duration, and are the bars of equal length (as in playing without a metronome but showing that you're in time)? It's not necessary to see the notes, just WHEN and for how long they're being played. A bonus would be to be able to show the RH (piano keyboard) notes AND the LH (black button chords) together. My OS is Windows XP. Thanks,

registration number

i download earlier i missed my registration#

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