Phasex 0.14.97
by William Weston
(William Weston Website)

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System Requirements:

full JACK and ALSA API support

Last Updated: 2013-01-15
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Phasex is a software synthesizer and MIDI controller designed for Linux

It can be used with ALSA MIDI connectivity interface and the Jack audio server. The synth engine is built around flexible phase modulation and flexible
oscillator/LFO sources. It is capable of various modulations, namely AM, FM, offset PM, and wave select.

It comes with various synth features that include polyphony, full parameter control via MIDI, oscillators, LFOs, ADSR envelope generators, chorus and stereo crossover delay effects and it can process audio input from other audio sources via /Jack.

This synth is based on a variety of analog and early digital MIDI synthesizers from the '80s through the '90s.

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New in 0.14.97:

  • Multitimbral (1 thread per part).
  • Session bank (very much like the patch bank).
  • Jack Session.
  • Stereo- and Multi- outputs for JACK.
  • ALSA PCM audio.
  • ALSA Raw MIDI.
  • Generic MIDI (/dev/midi support).
  • MIDI clock for timestamping and queuing events.
  • Active Sensing.
  • New oscillator waveforms.
  • Portamento for Osc Transpose events.
  • FM oscillator latching.
  • New LFO parameters.
  • Moog (24db/octave) filter.
  • Fast fade-out mono retriggering.
  • Interpolated oscillator table lookups.
  • Ability to run with no GUI.
  • JACK MIDI / ALSA Raw / ALSA Seq connections in menus.
  • Widescreen layout mode.
  • New preferences dialog w/ nearly all settings.
  • New knobs.
  • Pure 64-bit math in builds with --enable-cpu-power=4.
  • Various other changes, improvements and bugfixes
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