Piano Companion v2.1
by Binitex
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Requires iOS 4.3

Last Updated: 2013-03-07
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Software Description

Piano Companion is a flexible chord/scale dictionary with user libraries and reverse mode.

Piano Companion allows you to find a chord or scale by its name. If you don't remember what's the name of a chord/scale, it helps you to find it by keys. Piano Companion shows chord/scale notes, degrees, fingering for both hands in major and minor scales. You can listen how a scale or chord sounds. You can see the list of compatible chords in the selected scale. The great advantage of Piano Companion is the fact that it's a growing application, so we will be glad to consider any new features which helps you to increase usability.

Key features:
- 1500+ piano chords including 3rd inversions
- 500+ scales
- 12 root keys
- Circle of Fifths
- Key notations: English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc.
- reverse chord/scale lookup
- ability to display chord on the staff
- audio support
- relative scale suggestions
- compatible scale chords
- scale lookup with major/minor scale fingering
- flexible chord/scale search using keyboard
- user libraries
- ability to create custom chords for a user library

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