Pitchmap v1.6.1
by Zynaptiq
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Operating System:
File Size: 43.7 MB
License Conditions:

Trial, Registration : $399

System Requirements:

VST/AU/RTAS/AAX host application. Intel CPU with at least 2 Cores

Last Updated: 2014-06-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Pitchmap is a plug-in that lets you process and modify pitch.

This plugin lets you process the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals, and you can do it in real time. It can let you change the melodies and harmonies of your audio track.

It features an intuitive interface that shows a "pitchmap" where you can move the pitch around to your preference. With it you can correct any tuning issues and you can even remove or extract individual sounds from a mix. You can even apply synthesizer like sound effects to your audio. It is a corrective tool that can act as a pseudo musical instrument.

Video Demo:

Changes in v1.6.1

  • Extended detection upper frequency limit to better capture high harmonics.
  • Slightly increased CPU load with high values of PURIFY
  • Better handling of erroneous audio buffers or denormals passed to the plug-in by some hosts when scrubbing or jumping in the time-line
  • Bugfix for rare issue with CPU load not being freed when the plug-in was bypassed
  • Bugfix for rare "un-clickable demo notification window" issue in Pro Tools

Changes in v1.5

  • Support for VST (32/64bit), RTAS and AAX Native (32/64bit)
  • Better algorithm.
  • New preset management functionality accessible from within the plug-in GUI allows user presets to be used across all plug-in formats on all platforms.
  • Factory presets now organized by application.
  • Re-designed automation system for improved automation workflow.
  • New option to enter values numerically by double-clicking controls.
  • Snapshots now contain Sliders and Keyboard states only for better workflow.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Mac OS X Sandboxing.
  • New authorization app for a more streamlined user experience.

Changes in v1.1.5

  • Bugfix for demo installer update issue

Changes in v1.1.4

  • Changed mode of main controls to relative (absolute mode still available by holding ALT).
  • Stand-Alone app can now record to a new audio file.
  • Stand-Alone app now uses sample rate of source file instead of system sample rate.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with MOTU MIDI interfaces.
  • Various small fixes & enhancements.

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No Download Link

I gave them my Email-Address but just an empty Email arrived here with the Text "Download-Link" but there wasn't any Link in it.
So we have to wait for a "Demo" from other "Groups" ( you know what I mean ) ...

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