Play[EX] 2.0
by Philip Le Févre Kruse
(Philip Le Févre Kruse Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 800K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Directsound via Direct-X 7.0+

Last Updated: 2001-08-26
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A long time has past, since the first version of Play[EX], and now its time for the next version to take up Play[EX] 1.0's legacy. So here it is, Play[EX] 2.0, a new player with alot of new features, and an intirely new interface.

Features in Play[EX] 2.0:

  • Internal Directsound mp3 player, for perfect playback
  • Catalog for mastering your intiere music collection, weither its on CD, harddrive or a network drive
  • Compatible with winamp standart shortcuts ! (c,v, x etc.)
  • Search fuction, wich gives you the power to find a track or album in your collection within a secound
  • eXport function, witch enable you to generate a html file containing all your music
  • Worlds fasted Scan function, it can scan a mp3 CDs data on 1 secound ! ( tested on Pioneer DVD 115 )
  • It has fully resizable windows, for full complexity and adjustment
  • Play[EX]s datafiles are compatible with almost every player on the market, and is specially designed to be compatible with IRMan(tm)
  • Right click functionallity makes it easier than ever to manipulate and hear the music you want to hear
  • Multiple catalogs makes it possible to switch between for expample your cd and hardrive collection, with just 2 clicks
  • Ability to load save Playlists, supports almost every playlist format (m3u, pls etcc.)
  • Double click the track you want to hear, and it plays!
  • Play[EX] supports - mp3, mpeg, mp2, wav, midi, rmi
  • The coolest design out there, Its blue!
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