RubberDuck v2.1.2
by d-lusion
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Rubberduck comes for free. Unrestriced, unlimited for personal use (meaning: no distribution of the software, etc. without an agreement; but feel free to use it for any songs/gigs that you'd like to).

System Requirements:

Pentium, Soundcard

Last Updated: 2005-08-28
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Software Description

Rubberduck is a virtual acid and techno software-synthesizer for your pc. Its whole concept is based on the legendary cult synthesizer Roland TB-303.


  • Standalone software synthesizer
  • 5 standard oscillators
  • Dual oscillator model including "morphing"
  • Realtime resonant filters
  • Great user interface & skin support
  • Frequency and volume envelopes
  • 256 notes step sequencer
  • Sound effects: hall, reverb, distortion
  • 16bit 44.1 khz CD quality
  • Midi support
  • .wav rendering option.wav rendering option
  • Groove section for drumloops

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Skins anyone?

Does anyone know where I can get some skins for this thing?

Rubber Duck is the **** in Shit!!! And Its Free!!! Crazzzy!!!

I still cant believe this thing is free it is seriously the best tB-303 emulation I Have heard. And I have AudioRealism's BassLine and Muon Tau Pro and an actual TB-303 thats been in the family almost 20 years. This is mind Blowing that this thing is absolutely Free. The dV d-lusion could have easily sold this EMU for $150-$200 easily and maybe more!!! Who cares if its not VSTi you can save your Bass Sequences as wav files and insert them into your favorite VSTi Sampler and go from there!!! Simply Amazing this is a must download for anyone!!! D-Lusion if you want to make a s**t load of money you would make this thing commercial but when It comes down to it spreading the Love of such a great product is worth more than money anyway. D-Lusion You are the s**t keep up the good work!!!!!Peace!!!

Looking for musicians

I'm looking for a freindly NOVICE techno musician to work on a techno/electronica "I like all styles" project with via e-mail- must be able to receive file attachments etc.. if intrested and have free time E-MAIL ME.....

I'm in trouble

can anyone tell me how to use this blasted thing? I would really appreciate it.

"The sorry beginner"

new: rdh30 2.03


check out the newset version under


Re: new: rdh30 2.03

: hi,

: check out the newset version under

: yours
: boris

Re: new: rdh30 2.03

: : hi,

: : check out the newset version under
: :

: : yours
: : boris


File not found

Rubber Duck from D-Lusion

here is a good and cheap (25$) little programs for creating TB 303 sounds, it has a squencer, and it lets you output a loop in wav format for using in a multy trasck editor later.
If your whole song will be based on using TB's you should get ReBirth (

but if it's just a small part of it, and you use a lot of samples, then Rubber Duck is for you

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