soundBlade v1.3.5 Build 2895
by Sonic Studio
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Audio stream is interrupted periodically and save function is disabled. Registration: US$1495.00

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Last Updated: 2009-10-07
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Software Description

soundBlade is a general purpose production tool, designed to record, edit, process, restore and deliver audio on CD, DDP or as AIFF, WAV or BWF files for further processing.


  • Records 4 channel digital audio to 192k
  • Real Time Multimode Editing
  • Real Time Multimode Gain Adjustment
  • Real Time Bounce/External Processing
  • Real Time Host DSP: AU & VST
  • 10x DDP and CD-R Delivery
  • 10x Freeze/Render to Disk
  • Complete Premastering
  • Background SRC
  • Vive Restoration Suite Included
  • Proprietary Shaped TPDF Redithering
  • Multimode Waveform/Text View
  • Core Audio I/O, including Pro Tools
  • Optional DSP I/O Processors
  • Optional Extended Precision Sonic EQ
  • Optional NoNOISE II
  • Optional reNOVAtor

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New in v1.3.5 Build 2895

  • Fixes for opening files when moved (allows more choice for files).
  • Add 'f' key command for Feature.
  • Allow resize window to more than 2 EDLs.
  • DDP:
    - Create TS file for DDP (even with NO CD being made).
    - Fixes bug with not opening CDText info on DDP Open.
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