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Last Updated: 2012-09-04
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Software Description

Soundor is an open source FM Synth for Max for Live, integrates seamlessly with AudioCubes hardware

Soundor's synth engine feature 4 oscillators each with their own waveform mixers. This will let you mix sine, square, sawtooth, triangle and noise waveforms to create new waveforms.

Each of the oscillator sections features a state variable filter (SVF), and each one can modulate any other oscillator in pitch and/or amplitude. For flexibility, you can send each oscillator's output via its own ADSR to a master out. Oscillators can overdrive each other through the built in waveform mixer, and you can control them via the MIDI Keyboard as well as using the manual settings.

Soundor is designed for quick integration with Percussa's AudioCubes hardware

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