terminatorX v3.84
by Alexander König
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Last Updated: 2011-11-25
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Software Description

Featured in Hitsquad's review of the Best Free DJ Software

terminator X software is a realtime audio synthesizer that allows you to "scratch" on digitally sampled audio data (*.wav, *.au, *.mp3, etc.) to sound like a hip-hop DJ's on vinyl records.

2D-Scratching: terminatorX now comes with a resonating lowpass filter, where the cutoff frequency can be modified in realtime while scratching.

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New in v3.84

  • Bugfix for a particular bug (#29)

New in v3.83

  • fixed misc gcc 4.0 warnings
  • removed fastabs() implementation - it failed with gcc > 4.0
  • fixed a compilation issue (Thanks, cyril!)
  • fixed main window menu bar layout issue
  • fixed broken mouse grab (Ubuntu bug #469365), grab events are now handled by gui thread
  • work-around gtk+ auto mnemonics
  • fixed deprecated gtk+, jack and Xorg API

New in v3.82

  • the position of the audio control scrollbars is now saved within set files and restored upon loading.
  • fixed a liblrdf related issue resulting in use of previously free'd memory.
  • rendered a new knob with the wonderful povray - all images are now distrbuted in gdk-pixbuf-csource'd form in the src/icons directory.
  • added an extra "File/Load Audio File" menu item as new users would always try to load an audio file via "File/Open".
  • fixed compilation issues with g++ >= 3.4.
  • plus more.

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East to install

Easy to install.... yum install terminatorX v3.84

Terminator X

I was lookin for Terminator X pictures
OF PUBLIC ENEMYS DJ TERMINATOR X! Does he know you named this program after him? Anyhow it sounds like a kool idea!

wie kann man das downloaden

wie kann man das downloaden!


This only works on linux you guys, if you have linux it should be obvious enough how to install it.

Re: Linux

: This only works on linux you guys, if you have linux it should be obvious enough how to install it.


How DO I Install it huh??

how do i install this thing? someone help?

Re: How DO I Install it?

: how do i install this thing? someone help? i have downloaded it but canot open it can you tell me how

How Do I Install This Thing?

I unzipped the program and there's a bunch of stuff, but nothing to install.

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