TX16Wx Software Sampler v2.4.0
by CWI Technology
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Last Updated: 2014-09-15
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Software Description

From CWI Technology comes the beta release of the TX16Wx VSTi Software Sampler. It is a FREE VSTi plugin, sampler software instrument modeled after hardware samplers of the 80s and 90s.

It is a VSTi Sampler with an intuitive graphical interface and professional features, all for free. It is one of the few sampler instruments, that has a fully documented file format. The TX16Wx Software Sampler is not a regular disk streaming library or preset-player, this plugin is for you to make, tweak and experiment on your own sounds. The fun of the old hardware samplers is now back in software.


  • Unlimited multi-timbral operation
  • 128 voice polyphony
  • Modulation matrix with 16 modulation slots per voice
  • 24dB resonant filter
  • Two syncable LFO + Two modulation envelopes per voice
  • Polyphonic glide
  • Built-in sample editor, Record waves straight into the sampler
  • Automatic Loop Slicing + slice mapping
  • Graphical keyboard mapping editor
  • Drag & drop of samples/programs/performances/banks
  • Automatic sample layout
  • Automatic pitch detection
  • 4 Stereo + 8 Mono outputs
  • Loop crossfading
  • 48 mappable VST parameters for automation
  • 16 mappable controllers for automation
  • Per-sample loop start/end/direction modulation
  • Individual outs for keyboard groups (drums)
  • Multiple loop definitions per wave
  • Multiple keyboard scales and ultiple trigger modes
  • Mono/Poly/Legato operation
  • 8 choke groups per program
  • Preview loaded programs and samples in your song before loading
  • Quick select of sound data via Midi
  • AIF compressed, Yamaha OS Wave, WAV/AIFF/AIFC/SoundFont 2 supported
  • 100% documented XML-based sound file format. Anyone can write conversion tools.
  • Low CPU usage
  • Saves data in DAW project directory
  • Fully native, optimized for SSE2.
  • 64-bit support

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Changes in v2.4.0

  • Search option added to missing file dialog
  • Abort button added to load/save progress
  • Via cross modulation paramater added
  • Selectable round-robin source for wave matrix added
  • Toggle trigger mode
  • Large UI Skin option
  • Added optional support for bank select to address more than 128 programs via MIDI program change
  • Added optional program/performance number display in drop down selectors
  • Added program/performance re-ordering dialog
  • Added user selectable program icons
  • Skins now handle CSS "import"
  • UI size is now constrained by minimum size of applied skin
  • UI skins loading time improved
  • Default skin + graphics are now delivered as external files as well as resources.
  • SFZ import now honors Midi CC trigger switch
  • Save and other edits now disabled while previewing material
  • Added import of EXS format instruments
  • Added import of AKP format instruments
  • Added 6db low/high pass filter
  • Added Direct Midi CC as modulation source
  • Added support for VST2 micro tuning
  • Various bugfixes

Changes in v2.3.1

  • BugFix for Soundfont parsing broken on OSX
  • BugFix for storing program with root key override broken on OSX
  • BugFix for OSX menu issue
  • BugFix for slot MIDI transpose broken in certain cases
  • BugFix for slot detune broken
  • BugFix for loading of modulation preset containing legacy "Amp" destination

Changes in v2.1.2

  • New workaround to strange ACID VST scanner unload behaviour.
  • Load/save notifications can now be disabled.
  • Bugfix for tempfile creation problem on certain systems.
  • Bugfix for CTRL+key operations not working in all hosts.
  • Bugfix crash when using split wave combo box with no waves loaded.
  • Bugfix incompatibility with ACID program handling.

Changes in v2.1.1

  • Better wave preview playback
  • Improved load information message
  • Less intrusive load/clear message with close button
  • Improved insert handling
  • Improved layers to matrices comand
  • Enhanced filter modulation
  • Edit attributes on all selected items using Matrix Editor
  • Various bugfixes

Changes in v2.1.0

  • Bugfix for loading of wave data with non-destructive trim
  • Bugfix for Sinc128 interpolation crash
  • Bugfix for modulation preset list not switching to newly created preset
  • Bugfix for file dialogs not using correct initial directory when saving sound items

Changes in v2.1.0 b2

  • BugFix for timing issue in the AEG where decay times did not correspond to the displayed values.
  • BugFix for program change mode not being loaded with bank.
  • Added new, per-group/program/slot switchable, high quality sample interpolation modes.
  • Added new filter modes (Notch, Low/High shelf, Peak and Allpass).
  • Improved filter quality for High pass and Band pass.
  • Added switchable 12dB/24dB filter response.

Changes in v2.0.2

  • BugFix for Reaper incompatibility issue
  • Added velocity mapping option when drag and dropping waves into keyboard mapper
  • Added control buttons for keyboard mapper behavior

Changes in v2.0

  • Re-sizable Interface
  • User friendly GUI
  • Better drag and drop operation and Undo/Redo support for easy editing.
  • Improved Tool tips and context-sensitive help
  • Built-in file browser with drag and drop loading and improved bookmark handling.
  • Added 3 new step modulators to sound engine
  • New modulation sources and destinations
  • Now supports Ogg vorbis and SFZ input files
  • Better Soundfont 2 support

Changes in v1.0.07

  • New Reverse sample region operation
  • New Assign Loop to sample editor
  • Group start as editable visual marker in sample editor
  • Mouse shortcuts
  • Forward is the default loop mode
  • Bugfix for edit operation crashes
  • Bugfix for crashes caused by deleting loops/slices
  • Bugfix for Backwards / Bidirectional loops

New in 0.9.11:

  • Bugfix for velocity/key range as modulation source
  • Bugfix for inverse velocity sensitivity
  • Bugfixed for reapeaks creation, it is recommend that you delete all generated reapeaks files to make sure they are recreated correctly.


  • Multi-timbral operation is unlimited
  • Each voice has 16 modulation slots
  • 24dB resonant filter
  • Each voice has Two modulation envelopes and Two LFO
  • Included sample editor
  • Record waves into the sampler.
  • Visual keyboard mapping editor
  • 8 Mono outputs and 4 Stereo outputs
  • 16 mappable controllers for automation
  • Waves can have multiple loop definitions per
  • Individual outs available for keyboard groups (drums)
  • Multiple keyboard scaling
  • Polyphonic glide
  • Multiple trigger modes
  • 128 voice polyphony
  • Mono/Poly/Legato operation
  • Preview mode
  • AIFF/WAV/SoundFont 2/AIFC support
  • Supports Typhoon compressed AIF files
  • XML-based sound format, 100% documented.
  • Efficient CPU usage
  • Optimized for SSE2 and native
  • 64-bit support
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