vstPlayer v1.2.0
by CSR Labs
(CSR Labs Website)
Owned by user csrlabs

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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2011-03-13
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Software Description

A handy VST plugin that is able to play a variety of audio formats. I use it every day with Bidule.

Supports multiple audio formats (WAV/AIFF/BWF/FLAC/OGG supported, MP3/AAC/M4A are under active development);
Full featured playlist;

v1.2.0 Mp3 support.
v1.0.1 Fixed a couple bugs.
v1.0.0 First public release.

Plan - One release per $100 revenue.
v1.3.0 Repeat/shuffle playlist.
v1.4.0 AAC support.

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vstPlayer v1.2.0

The downloadable file is expired and wont open in Cubase etc. So how to get this???


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