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Experimental - Here you will find music making software which follows unconventional creation methods. Whether it be using body motion, digital pictures or drawing, all software which uses experimental, unique and sometimes just plain odd ways of creating sound are located in this category.



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Brain Sound Studio

Embeds brainwave entrainment into sound changing it to have a dramatic effects on the brain.

ArtSong 7

MIDI-based algorithmic music composition tool computers that combines the music-structuring capabilities of pattern-looping programs creativity of generative programs.

MIDImage 3

Convert graphics to MIDI

Motile v1.0

Unit designed to aid in the creation of extreme experimental music and idiosyncratic sound design. [VST]

Synesthesia IR Library v1.2.1 (WAV)

Experimental Impulse Response Library for convolution engines.

Neural Noise Synthesizer

Generates noise that stimulates brainwaves and affects your mental state.

Mixtikl 7 Generative Music & Loop Mixer for Windows 10

Mixtikl is a powerful multi-platform generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer. It includes many modifiable generative music templates that you can easily mix together. To generate its sounds it features the Partikl Sound Engine, a powerful sound source comprising a modular synth with Soundfont (SF2)/DLS support + live FX. [VST/STANDALONE]

Pizza Synth v1.0

Experimental software syntheisizer. [VST]

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