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This includes guitar tutors and coaching software, guitar & amplifier emulators, reference tools and more. You will find tablature software in the Tablature category and software to slow down guitar solos in the Slow Down Music category. Software to tune your guitar can be found in the Instrument Tuners category and specialized chord software in the Chords category. Software designed specifically for bass guitar players can be found in the Bass Guitar category.

If you are new to the guitar then check out this guide on where you can also get all the latest news, and see the best Guitar Effects Software reviewed there as well. If you're looking for a good guitar to learn on then take a look at these parlor guitars.

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RG v1.5.0

Allows the user to create not just classic rhythm guitar grooves, but also exciting new grooves and sounds which a real guitar could never produce. [VST/RTAS]

A0 CAP Public Beta 2

Simple guitar amplifier with a compressor and a distortor. [VST]

GuitarScales v1.0

Shows scales on a fretboard

Crystal Tuner v1.0.0

Digital tuner.

DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ v1.0

Sampled-based acoustic guitar sound module. [VST]

Strum Acoustic GS-1 v1.0.2

Acoustic guitar software synthesizer based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology. [VST/DX/RTAS]

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp 2.3

Guitar tube amplifier modeling plug-in. [VST/RTAS]

Audiffex Effect Pedals 1.0.7

Set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments. [VST/RTAS] Also see our roundup of Vocal Effects Processors.

Amplifikation Lite v1.1.3

Real-time guitar processing. [VST]

TubeBaby v1.0.1

Digital simulation of a tube guitar amplifier. [VST]

Scale Master v1.0

A scale program for fretted instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, etc.)

MidiTabPlayer Fan v1.1

MIDI file to guitar fingering transcriber.

Riffster Lite Build 2406

Learn symphonic passages, guitar licks, keyboard tricks, vocal parts, or use it for transcription -- do it quickly and easily by playing selected loops of digital audio.

Janus v1.0

Virtual bass amp. [VST]

Digital Music Mentor v2.5.3.2

Process and reveal the guitar chords and bass tabs of any music genre.

Absolute Fretboard Trainer 3.x

Course to mastering fretboard of guitar, bass.

Chordmachine v2

Write and play along to your own chord progressions.

Guitar Shed v2.9

Tools for guitarists, bassists and many other musicians.

RS Stomp Sweep VST v1.0

Virtual guitar stomp box. [VST]

Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader v1.0

Sight-read, chords and scales, progression creator and player, Invertor, advanced metronome, perfect pitch, relative pitch

Rhythm'n'Chords 2.6.3 Pro for Cakewalk

MIDI FX plug-in for Cakewalk software for creating rhythm guitar parts in MIDI format.

Super Guitar Chord Finder v5.0

Learn a vast amount of guitar chords.

Guitar Guru v2.2.5

Learn to play your favorite songs on guitar via your PC, synced to your CDs!

GuitarTools v1.0.1

Guitar tools is a highly customizable application for Guitar and Bass Players.

inTone Guitar v2.0

Opens software effects for live performances at home, on stage or in the studio. Hosts VST plugins.

CampFire Guitar v1.58

Assists guitarists in learning, writing, and sharing "chord" style songs.

A-150 Amplifier v1.0

Intended to enrich your sounds by blending both dry and wet signals, the A-150 includes a dry channel as well as a tube-simulated channel with a compressor, 9-Band EQ and five-mode filter. [VST]

Amplifikation One v1.2.5

Captures the dynamics and characteristics of "hardware" head amplifiers and cabinets, captured by various types of microphones in multiple configurations. [VST]

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro v1.5

Amp Modeler Pro is a guitar amp modeling and studio effects plug-in. [VST/RTAS]

Fachords Guitar Scale Generator

Fachords Guitar Scale Generator is an online visual guitar scales and arpeggios suggester, with HTML5 audio

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