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This includes guitar tutors and coaching software, guitar & amplifier emulators, reference tools and more. You will find tablature software in the Tablature category and software to slow down guitar solos in the Slow Down Music category. Software to tune your guitar can be found in the Instrument Tuners category and specialized chord software in the Chords category. Software designed specifically for bass guitar players can be found in the Bass Guitar category.

If you are new to the guitar then check out this guide on where you can also get all the latest news, and see the best Guitar Effects Software reviewed there as well. If you're looking for a good guitar to learn on then take a look at these parlor guitars.

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Softwaresort iconDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
A-150 Amplifier v1.0

Intended to enrich your sounds by blending both dry and wet signals, the A-150 includes a dry channel as well as a tube-simulated channel with a compressor, 9-Band EQ and five-mode filter. [VST]

A0 CAP Public Beta 2

Simple guitar amplifier with a compressor and a distortor. [VST]

Absolute Fretboard Trainer 3.x

Course to mastering fretboard of guitar, bass.

ACDC Virtual Backing Player v1.0

ACDC backing track, bass and drums player

Acoustic Feedback 2.0

Realistic simulation of guitar feedback. [VST/RTAS]

ActionTab Volume One Demo

Guitar tution tool that uses a virtual fretboard to show you exactly how to play.

aGuitar Pro 2

A must have for guitarists! Ear trainer and more.

Amp Vision v1.2

Amp Vision is a guitar amp and effects simulator plug-in with 28 amp and 12 effect pedal models and to choose from. [VST]

Amp-O-Matic v1.0

Guitar gear emulation soundskin for the Chameleon.

AmpFire 2.4

Preamplifier, distortion, power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator. [VST]

Ample Guitar v1.7.3

Ample Guitar is a guitar simulator software that comes in three versions: AGP for PRS, AGF for Fender, And AGG for Gibson. [VST]

Amplifikation Lite v1.1.3

Real-time guitar processing. [VST]

Amplifikation One v1.2.5

Captures the dynamics and characteristics of "hardware" head amplifiers and cabinets, captured by various types of microphones in multiple configurations. [VST]

ampLion-Pro 1.1.1

ampLion is an ultra-precise simulation of guitar amps, speakers, microphones and effects. [VST/RTAS]

AmpliTube 3.7.1

Guitar Amp & FX Modeling. [VST/RTAS].

AmpliTube Fender v1.1

Guitar/bass amp and FX software suite. [VST/RTAS]

AmpliTube Metal v1.0.3

Guitar amp and FX modeling plug-in. [VST/RTAS/Standalone]

Audiffex Effect Pedals 1.0.7

Set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments. [VST/RTAS] Also see our roundup of Vocal Effects Processors.

Audio FX2 Trial Version

Real-time, 32-bit DirectX audio plug-ins for vintage analog simulation

Audio Tuner v0.9

Tune your guitar, ukulele or other musical instrument.

Aura Pro v1.01

Virtual guitar amplifier. [VST]

AxMaster 1.2.3394

Guitar fretboard digrams and lessons.

BIG v1.0.1

Tweakable bass amp and effects suite. [VST]

Blister v1.0

By combining tube-style gain, bit crushing and a synthesizer that detects your signal frequency, Blister barfs out a stew of noisy, atonal junk along with a variable amount of your original signal. [VST]

BodiLizer v1.0.5

Instrument body equalizer - Rejuvenate the sound from guitar pickups etc.

Brackenbury-1 Tube Amplifier

Guitar Modelling VST Effect.

Brain 2 v1.0

Capable of some vintage sounds, smooth blues, classic British crunch and things will get a little hairy with the gain cranked, apparently. [VST]

Cab Enhancer v1.0.4

Can be used to either emulate a cabinet without the use of IR, enhance an existing IR cabinet, or enhance a mic'd cabinet. [VST]

Cabinet v1.0.1

Five guitar amp speaker cabinets, a top class recording studio live room and a classic spring reverb. [VST/RTAS]

California Sun 1.2

Classic guitar combo amplifier simulator with two channels (Clean and Dirty). [VST]

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