Hitsquad was a publisher of websites for people who make music and those who want to make music with a focus on the musical equipment space.

We provided targeted guides for a wide range of product categories for those looking to buy musical instruments or equipment. We developed a unique content research methodology and scoring system that helps ensure our information is accurate and trusted. Starting as a music software directory, Hitsquad has been operating since 1996 and we have worked with many of the major brands in retailing and manufacturing since then.

We Were The Publishers Of

gearank.com Gearank.com is devoted to helping people find the best musical equipment for their needs with detailed gear guides that use our unique "Gearank" meta review scoring algorithm combined with editorial advice and judgement. Our researchers compile information from many sources including the buyer reviews from the big music gear retailers, expert reviews and what owners are saying on forums to provide guidance that is accurate and trusted by users. Front Page - Music Gear Guides - Music Gear Database


GuitarSite.com GuitarSite.com provides information about guitars and related equipment. We provide guides to all the major types of guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories that guitarists use to learn, practice, perform and create their sound.
Front Page - Guitar Gear


Parlor.Guitars Parlor.Guitars are small body guitars that first became popular in the 19th century and have become very popular again in recent years. This website provides a growing database of parlor guitars as well as guides to all the different types of parlor guitars and related accessories.
Front Page - Parlor Guitar Database - The Best Parlor Guitars


Software Music Machine Archive

Originally called Shareware Music Machine it is the website that launched Hitsquad back in 1996 - although we no longer provide software updates we have left an archived copy online here.

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