SMM Archive Explanation

Old copy of SMM from early 1997

In short: As of October 2016 is now an archive meaning that it is no longer being updated.

The longer story....

Hitsquad had been providing news and information about music software since 1996 on this website known originally as Shareware Music Machine which was later renamed Software Music Machine.

Actually, the site began as a single page back in 1995 which was created by Hitsquad co-founder Jason Horton when he went looking online for a music software directory but couldn't find the kind of music editing software that he was looking for.

The image you see on the right is a screen shot taken back in early 1997 - almost 20 years before the site was turned into an archive.

By October 2016 it had become clear that there was no longer the same need for music software directories as there had once been, so we decided to effectively close the website down.

Although we are no longer adding new software or news, and neither are we updating existing software listings, we have decided to leave an archive of this website online for anyone who finds the information useful. All the forums have been closed and the ability to add new comments has also been shut down.

The individual software listings still have links to the software developer's websites so you can still often follow the links to get the latest version of the music software you find in the archive.

We would like to thank all of the people, musicians, software developers and advertisers who supported this website over the last 20 years - it was a lot of fun operating what was for many years the world's biggest music software site.

Although this website has been archived, our company Hitsquad is still very active in the music area, particularly when it comes to music equipment - please visit our homepage for more information.