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Audio Editors - This is where you will find software for recording, editing, and manipulating digital audio such as samples, songs, wave and aiff files. Specialized audio editing software can be used as stand-alone software but can be very useful to use in conjuction with other music programs such as Multitrack recorders, trackers etc. as these programs offer additional functionality not always found in the basic editors that come with other software. Note - you will need an Audio Interface to record audio onto your computer.



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Donut is an iPad audio recorder that allows for two dimensional loop recordings.

iRig Recorder 1.0.3

A powerful and flexible audio recording and editing app

iTraxs 2.0.1

This app lets you edit your audio tracks right from your iOS device.

n-Track Studio for Android

Audio multitrack recorder that turns your device into a full-fledged recording studio

TwistedWave 1.2

An audio editor for iPhone/iPad

VoiceJam v1.2.60

Real time loop based mixer and recorder with pitch correction.

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