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CD Rippers - Ripping is the name given to the process of copying audio from CDs to your computer. You can copy audio - music - songs from your CDs to a variety of digital audio formats including MP3, Wave (.WAV files), AIFF and many more. Once you have your music saved onto your computer you can then edit, enhance, restore it, upload it to a web site, and even record it onto another CD using a CD Burner.

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iTunes 11.0.1

Software jukebox, music store and listening library.

MultiCD 1.4

Play audio CDs and record sounds from them.

CUE WAV Extract v1

Audio track extraction from CUE/WAV audio disk images.

Max v0.9.1

CD ripper & MP3 encoder.

NMP3 Ripper v0.7.0

A way to get extremely high quality MP3s in MacOS X

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