4ormulator Vocoder Extreme v3.5
by Richard Wolton
(Richard Wolton Website)

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VST/DX host application.

Last Updated: 2006-11-11
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Software Description

4ormulator Vocoder Extreme offers a multitude of different effects: Pitch-Augmentation, Sympathetic Drones, Re-synthesis Effects, Formant Effects, Voice Disguisers, Multi-Band Ring Modulation, Vocoder Effects, Sub-harmonic Bass Generation, Robot Voices, Talking Instruments, Sci-Fi Effects, Ambient Generators... Up to 520 'analog' bandpass filters and a unique architecture that includes stereo harmonic effects in addition to resonance control, spectral envelope generators, internal carrier options, LFO modulators, glide effects, and more.


  • Resonance Control.
  • Harmonic Stereo Effects.
  • Up to 520 BP Filters.
  • 12 db/oct AND 24 db/oct.
  • Vocoder Modes.
  • Glide Control.
  • Internal Wave Generation.
  • 32 Effects per Bank.
  • Virtual 6 Octave Keyboard.
  • Sequencer & LFOs.

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The DX crashed for me, but

The DX crashed for me, but then lots of DX effects crash in my audio editor. The VST worked great with a VST-DX adapter.

Being the free version, not everything works, but...

you can use any of the presets
you can morph quickly or REALLY SLOWLY between two presets
you can tweak its settings madly (can't save them, though)
you can morph between a tweaked version and a preset

I used it like crazy in an hour-long piece, getting a really wide variety of awesome noises loosely related to the raw material I fed it (mostly sequences).

It sounds so good it's worth fighting with your host to make it work - and it's worth paying for. It's as far beyond a vocoder as energyXT is beyond a 'vst plugin'. What it definitely isn't is a talkbox for idiots, or a substitute for autotune.




In the future i'll get a good dj. Loosely translated of course to make the most sense to you.

incorrect... it means "in

incorrect... it means "in the future I would like to BE a good DJ." Please note that DJ in other countries is used in a much more broad sense than in America.

try it

It seems to be ok
regards www.nickymusic.narod.ru

good thing it's free..

this must be the fugliest gui i've ever seen on a vst..


nothing is downloading


Well, I downloaded the freeware version
which is supposed to be DirectX friendly.
Not only does it only work partially
when using the preset, but if I try to
change any values they don't work followed by lock-ups which requires a
If any one can suggest a fix, great!
If not, I'd have to say it is of no value.

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