ACE v1.3
by u-he
(u-he Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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File Size: 23.3 MB
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A vinyl-like crackle will emit every now and then after a while of use. Registration: €69.00

System Requirements:

VSTi/AU/RTAS host application. Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Last Updated: 2014-05-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) aims to deliver top quality sound at a competitive price. The selection of modules and clear layout make ACE the ideal instrument for newcomers delving into the fascinating world of modular synthesis. The number of ways to connect modules together is practically infinite, and you will soon discover how much more fun it is to make your own sounds in ACE than in a non-modular synthesizer, according to u-he.

ACE may seem underspec'ed judging from its raw feature list, but bear in mind that virtually everything can be plugged into everything else. You can plug an LFO into a Filter and from there use it as a source for FM.


  • 2 x LFO (1 sine, 1 sine/tri/saw/sqr) 0Hz - 20kHz.
  • 2 x ADSR (same as Bazille).
  • 2 x VCO (saw/PWM) 0Hz - 20kHz, VCO1 with SubOsc.
  • 2 x VCF (two variable outlets each: LP1/LP2/LP3/LP4, HP/BP/BR).
  • 2 x VCA/Pan.
  • 2 x Multiples (as in Bazille).
  • 1 x Mixer (Osc balance, Sub, Noise, Aux).
  • 1 x Ramp Generator (up->hold->down->rest, loops if rest < 100).
  • 1 x Mapping Generator (creates variable values for each note or key, can be used as custom waveform for LFO2).
  • 1 x noise (white, pink).
  • 1 x the common extras, such as Glide/Glide2.
  • 1 x stereo chorus (global).
  • 1 x ping pong delay (global).
  • 1 x Bass/Treble booster (global).

New in 1.3

  • AAX support
  • 200 new presets by Howard Scarr
  • New oscilloscope options - fire! glow!
  • New mapping generator drawing tools
  • fFlter reset
  • Improved UI display options - brightness options, antialiased text
  • Various bugfixes

New in rev 1.2 2228

  • Bugfix for permissions issue by reworking Mac Installers
  • Bugfix for AAX (autosave) crash bug
  • Bugfix for possible crash in VST.
  • Bugfix for automation-stops-when-editor-opens bug in Live/Bitwig.
  • Changed initial open/close laws for preset folder.

New in v1.2

  • Supported formats now include VST3 and 64-bit VST2
  • New installers with improved support for new OS - Windows 7/8 and OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Various other bugs fixed

New in v1.1

  • Native 64-bit support for AU.
  • Extra factory presets by Howard Scarr.
  • Improved compatibility of RTAS (Mac) version, supports "3-finger salute" automation.
  • Adds Cocoa view to AU version.
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