ASPI Rip v3.4.3
by BirdCage Software
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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95
File Size: 2.95 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
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Last Updated: 2005-12-30
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Software Description

Rip / Grab CD using ASPI layer to assure perfect Digital Audio Extraction.


  • ASPI layer CD Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) for quality Ripping (no pops, clicks)
  • MP3 (Fraunhofer) Encoder support (ACM)
  • L.A.M.E. support for MP3 Variable bit rate or Constant bit rate Encoding
  • BladeEnc MP3 Constant Bit Rate Encoding support (320 Kbit/s)
  • Seamless Encoder operation for exe's with no dos windows.
  • Run multiple instances of the program, one per CD drive for simultanious Ripping and Encoding.
  • Auto Encode Multiple Recordings from any input with Recording Timer.
  • Auto normalization. (volume leveling feature)
  • Re-sample MP3 to MP3 to other bit rates (for down sampling to use low rates in hand held devices)
  • Choice of CD output sample rate from Ripper 44,100 hz or 22,050hz
  • freedb agent CD info lookup for MP3 Tagging and Re-naming from Internet
  • freedb to cdplayer.ini batch lookup program.
  • TAR analog ripper included.
  • Customisable Template "Tag to Filename" Re-Namer
  • Re-Name with optional Letter Case (lower, UPPER, Norm)
  • Auto Create M3U Playlist file from MP3's
  • Use CDplayer ini or Existing MP3 file for Tag info
  • Tagging in ID3 retains Track position in MP3's
  • Imports CSV (MS Excel) and Tab delimited txt files into Tagger window .
  • ID3v1.2 tag provides double ID3v1.1 size with your own defined SubGenre
  • Optional Wave Delete after Encoding
  • Preview Wave Before Encoding or send to WaveFix to Edit.
  • Right Click Windows support + Drag and Drop support
  • Auto send to JukeBox Decoder for Playback, Listing or Tagging.
  • Detailed popup baloon Help tips on each control
  • Toggle on or off File Associations and Desk top Icon
  • No technical ripper settings required, fully automated speed, jitter and buffer adjustment with two simple error control modes
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