Acoustica v6.0b8
by Acon Digital Media
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File Size: 9.6 MB
Price: USD 39.9
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30 Day Trial. Standard Edition is $39 and the Premium Edition is $119.90

Last Updated: 2013-06-11
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Software Description

Acoustica is an ideal solution for audio editing and mastering. The program contains everything you need to create great sounding recordings and audio CDs, including professional tools for recording, analysis, editing and CD burning. The Acoustica user interface was designed with speed, accuracy and ease of use in mind. The support for audio resolutions up to 32 bit and sampling rates up to 192 kHz allows you to record and edit in an amazing audio quality.


  • Recording and playback through any windows compatible audio device.
  • Reads and writes the following file formats:
    - Ogg-Vorbis format (ogg).
    - Wave Audio format (wav).
    - Windows Media Audio (wma).
    - MPEG Layer 3 (mp3 - requires Windows Media Player 10 for high quality export).
    - Sun Audio Format (au).

  • Imports audio track from the following video file formats:
    -MPEG Video (mpg or mpeg).
    -Audio Video Interleave (avi - additional CODECs may be required).
    -Windows Media Video (wmv).

  • Unlimited undo and redo levels.
  • Ultra fast non-destructive editing engine.
  • Standard cut, copy, paste and mix editing.
  • Drag and drop editing.
  • Burn Audio CDs containing your edited tracks.
  • Import audio tracks from CDs.
  • Support for VST and DirectX audio effect plug-ins.
  • Editing tools:
    - High quality time stretching.
    - Create volume curves and fades.
    - Sample format conversion.
    - Channel mixer for stereo image adjustments.

  • Signal enhancement algorithms:
    - Improved click filter for restoration of LP and 78 RPM recordings.
    - Noise reduction based on spectral subtraction.
    - Six band full parametric equalizer with graphical display of the frequency response.
    - Synthesis of high frequency components gives life to old recordings.
    - Automatically remove DC offsets.

  • Signal analysis tools:
    - Fourier spectrum.
    - Fourier spectrogram (2D, time-frequency-plot).
    - Wavelet plots (based on the Morlet-Wavelet).

  • Effect algorithms:
    - High quality reverb.
    - Echo, flanger and chorus.
    - Dynamic processor with graphical input.
    - Pitch transpose (with or without alteration of duration) and harmonizer.

  • Real-time preview on most of the effects.
  • New preset manager allows you to store user presets

New in v6.0b8

  • Multitrack Editing (Standard and Premium Edition only)
  • New Phase Linear Equalizer (Premium Edition only)
  • New Audio Restoration Tools (Premium Edition only)
  • Upgraded Processing Tools (Standard Edition only)
  • Other Improvements

New in v5.0.56

  • Bugfix for a problem with scanning of VST plug-ins in nested folders
  • Other minor bug fixes.

New in v5.0.51

  • Supports ASIO in the Standard Edition.
  • Out-of-process VST scanning to prevent incompatible plug-ins from crashing Acoustica.
  • open multiple instances of Acoustica
  • Various bugfies

New in v5.0.43

  • Various bugs corrected
  • Supports VST latency compensation
  • Import filter for raw file

New in v5.0.43

  • Keyboard short-cut customization.
  • Better VST handling, including VST shell support.
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

New in version 5

  • Save and open CD projects
  • Erase CD-RWs
  • Enhanced spectrum analysis
  • Convolution reverb
  • K-System metering
  • New file formats
  • New audio plug-in design
  • Tabbed MDI interface
  • Dockable file browser pane
    • FLAC
    • AAC
    • WAVE64 - support for files bigger than 4 GB (Premium Edition only)
  • Enhanced denoiser with adaptive mode (Premium Edition only)
  • Test signal generator (Premium Edition only)

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I think is a nice wave editor ever

How can i get more effects on Acoustica 3.1 trial

I need to figure out how to get more effects for the Acoustica 3.1 Trial (if possible)

acoustica 2.11

Purchased 2.11 in 2001.
trouble with hard drive. looking for registration code or it won't work.
info was name in sun city az
please respond

mastering clicks and skips in audio how to!

I wanna know the best way to fix clicks and skips in my tracks which I've recorded. How can I learn to do this teadious work. WORD

no wave form visible (no wave plot on time line)

I have just purchased version 2.25 (downloaded from "Share-It"). However, no wave plots appear in the time domain after recording. The sound is there as the vertical line cursor moves through the time line, but no wave plot. What could cause this? How can it be fixed?

no win 98

There is no windows 98 version, so what is the problem? Put it there!

upgrade to 2.25

I have v 2.11 what are the actual improvements with 2.25? and how can I upgrade to the latest versions

Acoustica 2.11 not working on my XP system

I purchased a key-code for Acoustica 2.11 in 2001 and it works fine on my Win 98 system. I bought a Dell WinXP P4 system and cannot install Acoustica 2.11 on it. Can anyone help me with this problem??

Thanks for your time.
RJ Swift

playback skipping

I've shut off the virus program. Yet when I playback phono record music recorded into Acoustica, about every 3 seconds it sounds like the needle has skipped, yet during recording there is no skip. Anyone know whats causing the skip and how to get rid of it? Thanks for ideas.

Acoustica--quality at a reasonable price

I purchased Acoustica several months ago, and it has been a godsend with cleaning up and reambiencing songs I've written and recorded over many years. One problem I had was that windows media player said it couldn't read the files when I tried to copy them to cd, even though it could play them just fine. I found that if I opened the Acoustica-processed file with CD Wave Editor, and then saved them, there was no longer a problem. If you don't have CD Wave Editor, perhaps something else can do the same trick. This is great stuff with quite a few bells and whistles.

i would like to ask a question

i am trying to make my own cd i all ready have my beat maker my microphone
but i am lookin 4 a program where i would be able to record my vocals and edit them on my instrumentals .
please if u know about any thing let me know

Re: i would like to ask a question

I haven't purchased this yet, but I plan to. It's called "n-Track", is relatively inexpensive, and allows you to record multi-tracks through your PC. You should be able to find it here at hitsquad. Check the specs--the main thing seems to be that you need a full-duplex sound card. Good luck.

Music Software at its Best

Small but Smart.Audio Program at its best.

Re: Music Software at its Best

: Small but Smart.Audio Program at its best.

Acoustica copies

I purchased Acoustica for downloading digital voice recordings. My computer was replaced and when I installed a copy I made form my old computer to the new system, I get the error message the registered owneer does not match the registration code.

Any suggestions?

Plugins-- what format?

Does Acoustica use any plugins, and if so, what format?

Display problem with acoustica on 98 espaƱol

Acoustica 2.11 English version on Spanish Windows 98 works fine except I can't see the sound data in the editing window. Instead, all I see is blue. I can play the sound and so on, but I would like to see it too :)


Transpose Function

I am considering purchasing Acoustica which I like Very much. When I use the transpose function the result works but there is all sorts of strange artifacts left in the music is there a fix for this or is ti corrected when the key code is purchased, please advise?

Re: Transpose Function

Sorry. I've had Acoustica for about 3 months, and have experimented with the transpose feature. It works good on voice and perhaps a solitary instrument, but for general music, it does not work to well. The tempo adjust thing also works more or less with similar results, however, speeding up works a lot better than slowing something down. There seem to be some clicks that occur during the first 15 seconds are so. Try copying 20 seconds to the front of the file, then engage the speed-up, and afterwards cut out the part you copied to the front which should have most of the clicks.


Can anyone tell me how to use this software? I'm a complete rookie and there's no directions. Among other things, can I edit MP3 files or must they be .WAV? I just want to clean up some files with a lot of hiss.

helpful software

I alternatively use n-tracks for recording vs cakewalk and it requires an external editor ... acoustica is always helpful


GREAT software for only $10... WOW

This is the GREATEST audio program

I've tried several including Ray Gun, but this is the best. It does't even come close to RayGun. Acoustica has more features and its sound reduction and Equalizer are fantastic! Its a steal at $10

the best audio software

just to say i highly recomend acoustica for audio cleanup the best ive used

Acoustica NR does weird NEAT things

Run a .wav with a lot of white noise through Acoustica's noise reduction...pump it up over 50%... it leaves neat little twinkly artifacts.
I'm sure it's unintended, but I'm using it in re-synthesis.



aol does not seem to be able to send my email attachments (of recorded promotional announcements) to the guy who works on my site( What can I do?

no key yet

bought Acoustica yesterday and have not recieved my key yet any problems your end?


Do you have Encore -a program for writing music
or Finale -also a programm for writing music

purchasing acoustioa 2.01

I live in the U.S. and would like to find out how to purchase


american rules! Yeah!

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